Friday, March 18, 2011

Imagine a horse on a chaise lounge

If you go by this video footage, this "Imagine a Horse" trainer is pretty impressive, and the horses look calm/happy. Still, I found myself chuckling at the horses sitting in the beanbags while the Disney-like inspirational music plays!


  1. Alan is a terrific trainer; I've been lurking on IAH's Yahoo Group for the past couple of years and have gotten some excellent ideas from his discussions. Not saying you, but people often scoff at the idea of trick training. It's too bad really, as it adds a whole new [much deeper] dimension to your relationship with your horse.
    It's also something fun to do with an older equine (you should definitely talk it over with Harv and see what he says ;o) I do tons of stuff at liberty that I never would have thought possible when I first got back into horses.

  2. Me too, Jen....I have their videos and just love what they do. It gives us a way to work with our horses during times when we can't ride, for one reason or another...yet still engage their minds. I agree tho, horses do look kinda silly on sofas!!! Ever visit them in Dripping Springs TX??? Maybe we can go together if you haven't and be lurkers emerging...

  3. Hi Jen, It's clear the guy can train horses -- I'm just sort of amused at the notion of horses sitting on bean bags. In the photo of the horses all on beanbags outside of their stalls I think of people sitting on their patio. That, and the Disney music just tickled me. No dissing intended. After all, I can't get my own horse to lunge :-)

  4. The beanbags made me laugh, too. Horses are such smart animals.

    I started teaching mine the Spanish walk this winter, because the ring was no good for riding. He seems to understand the concept of "every other". I have been cueing each front leg separately, but he started offering the off leg without any (intentional) cue from me.

    From his perspective, this is clearly "carrot training" for the human. He could go on for hours!

  5. Fun stuff. Actually, the horses look pretty comfy on the beanbags. Maybe they actually like sitting that way.

    I think doing some trick training would be fun. I'm sure at least one of my Boys might enjoy it. I'll have to ponder this a bit.

  6. Brenda: I wish I could!! It's way too far for me though (I looked it up on Google Maps a long time ago). I would love to go :o/
    Stacey: Oh I know you weren't trying to diss - no worries. That's what caught my attention from the get go; how much the horses actually seemed to enjoy sitting on bean bags - who'd a thunk it?
    As soon as I can scrape together enough dinero, I'm getting one of those things to play with for ours (my daughter built me a set of pedastals for Christmas last year ;o)
    Ha. I feel like I'm on my blog instead of yours, responding to comments *laugh*

  7. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed seeing that.

  8. I'm with you, Stacey-- the horses in beanbags is a ridiculously comical image. A bunch of bored frat boys, waiting to figure out which party to go to next.

    Agreed that "trick" training can be an interesting activity to share with your horse, but I think I'll skip the beanbags!

  9. So, now I want to teach my horse to do some of the things in the video... but if he were in the shot of all of the horses sitting on beanbags in the hay... he'd have his head buried in the hay eating and all you'd see is his 'bean bag' rear end!
    My best friend had a horse that liked to sit. It was rather uncanny to walk by his stall and see him sitting, like a dog!

  10. respect. I'm trying to teach my horse to bow and it is going really slooooowly. I would love to have him do other stuff!
    Those foals were precious!

  11. Usually the lack of computer speakers isn't too much of a problem for me when I watch the videos you post here Stacy but I think I may just have to break down and find myself a set so I can listen to this guy's video!


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