Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deer oh dear!

Last Friday morning at 8am,  I drove to the barn and met the farrier (needed to hold Riley for him). Then I headed back on the country roads toward work, about a 15 minute drive. I could not have been going more than 40MPH when I heard a loud crash and felt an impact on the driver side.  In the rear view mirror I saw falling tufts of hair and the female deer struggling across the road. I'm afraid she didn't fare well.

I was shaken but kept driving. No damage was apparent until I turned sharp onto a city road, and then I heard my wheel make a funny noise. I called the insurance company and drove to the "collision center."  The damage to my Yaris is pictured left. Well, that's why I have insurance. I drove back to work in a rental car.

Relaxing at home...
After 5pm I go home and reflect  on my not so stellar day. Bob is at work, and I decide to take it easy.  I'm home lounging around in a John Deere sweatshirt paired with oversized,  pink plaid flannel jammy bottoms tucked into my terracotta Uggs. Quite a getup. I go to pick up my cat, who is looking out the window.   SH*T!!! A car i in the driveway! Someone's coming! I fly upstairs, change into jeans/bra/sweater, and run to the door.

Hey, why is no one knocking?

Here's why. The car in the driveway is my rental car.

That was actually a pretty good laugh.


  1. I'm so sorry you had an accident, that must have been skerry! My Mommeh would run and change, too.

  2. oh, deer.....Did you report the hit to the police? Sometimes they will send animal control to find the deer and end its misery if needed....

    Sorry about the car. Kind of bent up there.

    On the other hand, the "company's coming" story is pretty darn hilarious!! I do hope you were half asleep in your lounging mode...otherwise, one must worry a bit about you. *lol*

  3. I was so afraid this was going to happen to me while I was living there. x_x

  4. OMG! That made me laugh out loud! Of course, not the deer or the car part. LOLOLOL I have had those moments myself!

  5. I was having a bad day and your car in the driveway story made me laugh and turned it around! Thanks!

  6. *ROTFL*

    this just happened to us for the first time. my husband hit a deer with our prius and the car needed 3400euro in repair for what looked a lot like your damage (but we lost a fog lamp too). the police and the forest ranger were notified and on the job - the deer was taken care of right away. deer don't lie dead on roads here like back home. when i first saw the car's damage i thought for sure i was looking at my horse's hair (it's been a bad shedding season) then i realized, oh, that's deer: (

  7. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha...rental car... sounds exactly like something I would do ('course I get to blame it on the chemo ;o) Seriously, so sorry about the damage; what a pain. Glad you weren't hurt.
    I bagged a 12 point buck with my Honda Accord when DD was 18 months (she's 20). Did a spectacular amount of damage to the car too, as it took out the passenger window and most of the windshield; I was going 55 on a rural highway. Believe it or not, I have a 7" piece of antler on my bookcase as a "God is awesome" reminder. The body shop found it laying in the floorboard. Glass all around DD in her little car seat in the back, but not a single piece on her :o)

  8. Wow...I've been hit by a deer too, also driving away from the farm. Though in my case it was, like, March and 9ish at night a few years ago on a highway known for having lots of deer. I see a deer up ahead cross the highway and have just enough time to think, "oh, a deer crossed! Glad he got across before I-...what the heck just hit my passenger side?!?!"

    Yeah, that's how I found out that if you see one deer, there's probably another one just behind him.

  9. Scary to hit a deer! Sorry for you and your car. (And of course the deer).

    Laughed myself silly over the "visitor"!

    Totally identify. You have done us all a great public service: I'm banking we all identify and feel less dumb in our own, er, windex hairspray - I mean visiting car - moments. :)


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