Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday's footage: Peter and Lyle!

Oh, what a wonderful  coursewalk Peter Atkins (of Henny fame) gave to a crowd of his friends and fans. Peter gave just about the most educational coursewalk I've ever attended -- a lesson, as well as a course walk, and some of his hints I can apply to dressage. Here he talks about keeping the horse straight and controlling the shoulder:

Peter has a unique riding style, and he talks about his rationale for riding in a "defensive position" today. Would love to share it but the wind, the announcer, and Peter's walking around made the audio hard to hear.  I hope to share one more segment...

Lyle Lovett reining
Later Friday evening I watched Lyle Lovett compete his palomino in the reining competition (yes, THE Lyle Lovett):


  1. I learned three things in Peter's video clip - wow! Amazing what you can learn in just a short piece! I love that he is focusing on shoulders. That's a biggie with my instructor and it is paying off with my horses.
    Pippin says that Lyle's horse must have had mane 'weaves'! What a beautiful ride and a gorgeous animal!

  2. That is one very impressive mane.

    I suppose it's bad, though, that I look at Lyle's horse and my only thought is "he's riding barbie's horse!"

  3. Beautiful horse and great ride! Always think of Julia Roberts & the song by Mary Chapin-Carpenter when I think of him.

  4. Not a bad ride for Lyle. Not quite up to the top riders, but nicely done. It's the little things that make all the much like dressage.

    Interesting comments from Peter. Too often we ride the front of the horse instead of his body. Keeping the horse straight between the reins does apply to dressage as well, as you note.

    Been watching some of the cross country on the live feed...always amazes me how those horses can navigate such tricky combinations of both jumps and terrain like that. Wonderful creatures and equally wonderful riders!!


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