Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My next horse will be a Hereford?

From the standpoint of temperament, here's a mount that will almost certainly feel safe to ride -- and this one, at least, is willing as can be! Thanks to for sharing...


  1. I saw this too and had me a little giggle!

  2. I LOVE THIS GIRL. I totally would have done this same thing if I had had a cow but not a horse in my backyard.

  3. Why not. She surely seems pretty willing. *G*

    I still remember being told by the Ansur saddle people that a woman requested a test ride in one of their treeless saddles for her steer.

    Hard to say, but it looks like Luna may be in a treeless of some kind.

  4. Maybe this one instead:

  5. ha! I saw this on FB this morning

  6. Saw this on FB too! Definitely give that girl props!

  7. memo
    to: all horses
    from: all riders
    re: youtube jumping cow video

    would you all please watch and note that a COW can jump from a half hearted trot and nearly standing start. No more 'oh my god I can't possibly jump that I'm not going fast enough' refusals please, the game is up.

  8. Digging the little tiny leg wraps... hope that girl gets her horse one day - she deserves it! :)

  9. People think of cows as lumbering creatures sitting around contentedly chewing their cud and ambling to the milking stall... True enough, but they are very limber when they want to be! In the 40's, my mother knew a fellow who wanted a horse but his father wouldn't let him get one. (All the grass was for the dairy cows.) So he trained a cow and went fox hunting on the cow.
    Another foxhunting fellow had a standardbred who wouldn't gallop, so he trotted all the way.


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