Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Showsheen winners! Five poems and a special award

 First, the Charlie Sheen-Showsheen special merit award
 Dressager, your entry referenced Charlie Sheen, a connection I would never have dreamed of. Your entry was not as polished (so to speak) as some others but for making an AWESOME and unique connection you deserve an award of your very own. You are welcome to a BTB T-shirt if you want one -- my first Warhol design t-shirt giveaway. Email me with your sizing info...

And now for the ShowSheen winners!
They happen to be haiku poems, which I didn't think many people would attempt. Never underestimate BTB readers :-). Winners, email me your mailing address. The Showsheen will come directly from Absorbine (THANKS ABSORBINE!)

 First place, goes to the rapper haiku, darkhorse:
Show Sheen with grooming
The shine helps my fortitude
Calms my attitude

Second place, most poetic, equinovice said...
Bathed in ShowSheen rays
My Belgian makes the sun blush
Blazing gold thunder.
 Third place, most compelling (I'm totally sympathetic), Lexie said...
I need lots of help
to score 60s in dressage
Tia must radiate

Fourth place,  GreyDrakkon made me laugh!
Winter will not leave
My arab is like a yak
now a shiny yak
Fifth place, I want to see a mule glow, and Bent Barrow Farm's haiku was phrased in the form of a question...
I'm half horse, half ass—
Therefore, not a horse owner.
Can I still compete?


  1. Far to slick for words
    These haiku shimmer bright
    Winning Show Sheen shine!

    Congrats to all! Love the poetry.

  2. A Harvey T-shirt?
    Dressager steals the winnings
    Charlie is catching

  3. Great contest- thank you BTB and Absorbine!

  4. Awesome awesome! I groom a bunch of horses, so they'll be super slick looking in no time, especially since it's finally above freezing here! (except the forecast says SNOW at the end of the week! Noooooooooooooooooooo!)


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