Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Peter Atkins from Rolex (coursewalk, clinic, chit-chat)

Okay, by now you're thinking "Hey, she's milking Rolex for all it's worth." Maybe, but there is so much interesting stuff! I thought I deleted my Peter Atkins coursewalk  footage but I found it. You might think it's obsolete because the course is over, but Atkins' tidbits are Universal Truths. See for yourself...

The Sunken Road (see Laine Ashker negotiate it)
Jump light-colored logs (left/foreground), down bank, up bank, over brush.

Normandy Bank (see Allison Springer negotiate it with Arthur).
Jump up bank, over log, down bank, over brush.

Peter focuses less on strides and more on a "quality gait," letting the horse jump the jump.


  1. I think it is great you are sharing all this for those of us who cannot go. Thank you!

  2. Always fascinating listening to a master. Interesting about how the bank jumps are so much bigger because of the drops, and how the horse has to get its balance back so quickly for the next effort. Makes you appreciate these animals' athletic skill even more.


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