Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riley's birthday present

Riley's birthday was May 17. He got a monogrammed towel, on sale at JC Pennys, in a nice apricot orange with navy lettering. It's lying across his tack trunk -- a rubber tub actually.

Well, I can hardly just buy one, can I? Harv got one too.

They look nice on the side-by-side tubs.


  1. They sell monogrammed towels at JC Penney? :0)

  2. Awww Chrome's birthday was on the nineteenth too!! He turned two. I like Riley's birthday present. Very nice. :)

  3. Aw-w-w-w-w. Reminds me of the magic golden towel that used to accompany me and my hunter, Russell to all the big shows. It was an honor of sorts for one of my friend grooms to have it hanging out of the back of his, her belt.

    May your towels grow to be as special and as magical.

    And happy birthday, Riley!!

  4. Cute idea! That would solve the problem of mystery towels that often end up on my brush box.

    Happy Birthday Riley!

  5. Excellent idea. In contrast to Val, my own towels seem to go walkies a lot, usually eventually discovered keeping the seat of the mucking out dump truck dry...

  6. Did my comment disappear?

    I mentioned the magic golden towel of my hunter/jumper days--the special lucky one that traveled to all the shows.

    I cast the same magic spell for your towels. May they bring much success.

    And Happy Birthday, Riley!!


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