Wednesday, May 4, 2011

St. Barths and Exponential: Top-placing thoroughbreds at Rolex

St. Barths X-country, Courtesy Lindsey McDonnell
Update: How could I have forgotten to include the wonderful writeup that the CANTER Calabria Rose blog does for the Thoroughbreds of Rolex. See the 2011 post, which lists the thoroughbreds competing at Rolex and their histories...

Hannah Sue Barnett and St. Barths finished 8th while Canadian-bred thoroughbred Exponential finished 7th. Both are compact types, and handy-looking, and both are such good boys! I should mention that Anthony Patch, an OTTB, had a good performance overall, including a great dressage test with a lengthening that would be the envy of many a warmblood. Lainey alluded to some tension in the test, but frankly I felt that the judges were a little harsh with their scores.

St. Barths and Hannah Sue Barnett (USA)

Exponential and Jessica Phoenix (Canada)


  1. handy-looking; spritely; agile; sorry!

  2. Do we know any of their JC names? I love comparing bloodlines to my horse.

    -Net, whose computer decided she has to post anonymously again

  3. I am prejudiced. There is nothing like a good Thoroughbred. As much trouble as my Tucker gives me, I still love him.

    My eventer was a TB, and the one thing he had in spades was "try." Add to that a strong sense of self preservation and athletic ability, and he always made me feel safe. (Until we moved up to a level beyond my mental ability.)

    Love these horses!!

  4. A few years ago people thought that TBs would disappear from the top ranks of eventing, but it turns out that they are just as good at the short format as they were at the long format. Yay TBs!
    Thanks for posting all these videos.

  5. This does my heart good. Looks, guts and plenty of try- give me a good TB over anything else.

  6. Net, the JC names are all listed on my post over at the CANTER blog :) Including Exponential, who we unfortunately left off our list for the award because we were unable to find any records of his parentage anywhere prior to the event (he will be sharing the award, though, as soon as we can get a 2nd cooler made up!)


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