Monday, May 23, 2011

A wee little Totilas! er, Totili? A whole lotta babies!

This month a new wee Totilas foal was born in New Hampshire, at Shooting Star Farm. Scot Tolman describes how Totilas has influenced this little filly -- the broodmare has an established history producing foals, and how she influences her babies is a known quantity. Scot says:
"Totilas gave her bone, more natural muscle development, really super balance, more length of leg, a more sloping croup, a little more length in the head, and a little less length in the neck.  Movement?  We'll see.  This filly is not really uphill in her conformation, but she transfers weight onto her hind quarters really easily.  She's a little longer in the hind leg than the rest of Orchis's foals, but she's got more length and phenomenal angles in her shoulder and forearm construction."
You can track how little Mazey grows up at Scot's blog

Here are a few more Totilas babies. I'll be honest, their movement isn't obviously stellar in these babies. Even at this young age you can see things like a good walk, and fluidity, and general 'bigness.' It could come later of course.


  1. I am distracted by the gorgeous mare. Her trot is lovely.

  2. So hard to tell with the babies, although they say good judges of horseflesh see the most at birth and then not again until the baby is around 2.

    Saw a foal out of a top stallion about two years ago, the little guy was only a couple days old and when he cantered (galloped) across the field, he took my breath away. Can't quite remember the trot, but that canter was uphill and incredibly athletic. (Might've been a Contago baby, but I'm not's been a while.)

  3. ahhh totilas babies ♥
    very jealous, they're beautiful.. though i'm very biased
    thanks for sharing the link to scot's blog

  4. I would be curious to see how Totilas himself measured up as a foal.


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