Thursday, June 9, 2011

Abbie Golden remembers Phantom Pursuit

One of the horses that perished in Boyd Martin's barn fire was Phantom Pursuit, AKA Finn. Abbie, Finn's owner/rider, remembers Finn in   an article for Eventing Nation. She describes riding Finn in a dressage phase of an event. It was  a cold, windy, grey day, and she was expecting the worst. Finn entered the ring totally on,  and she rode the best test of her life with a huge smile on her face. She writes:

"This moment, along with many others, is what I hold onto now. This moment is what is left. I was trying to think of a good quotation to include in this post, and all I could think of is a Bible verse. For those who are not religious, please forgive me. It is Philippians 1.3, and it reads, "I thank my God upon remembrance of you."

 Are there any words to follow up on this? I can think of two.

Amazing grace.


  1. Even if one is not religious, they can't argue the fact that quote wasn't perfect. It was perfect.

  2. It gives me chills to see that beautiful horse, read the beautiful reflection of his owner, and to know that he has prematurely died. It teaches us to cherish each moment with our horses!

    thank you for sharing the verse!


  3. One of the most touching articles I have ever read. . .

  4. My favorite scripture verse is Job 39:19 - it is easy to see by His words that God has a soft spot for the horses He created (me too, me too! :o)
    I think Abbie shows a tremendous gift of spirit to be able to view the loss of her horse from that perspective; what a blessing she must be.

  5. Last night we were looking at pictures of our first horse that passed away two years ago. That's exactly how we feel about her. We had her only eight months but she changed our lives forever.

  6. It always hurts when you lose a beloved horse, but in this case, it was far too tragic, and far too soon. That quote certainly tugs at my heart and speaks to all of us who have loved such amazing creatures.


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