Saturday, June 11, 2011

Royal bags!

Recently I went looking for bags to soak Ri's hoof. Would you believe there is a hoof soak bag, good for only a few uses, for sale for over $20 (set of 4)???? I went online to look for cheaper solutions, and found a good source: Royal Bags.

I bought 100 6mil plastic bags with recloseable seals, size 8X10, for $30, from For a sense of what 6mil is, consider that greenhouse plastic is 6 mil, as is an IV bag.

Now granted I don't need 100 bags! If you have a horse that needs frequeent hoof soaks:
  • God love you! 
  • Let me know if you'd like some bags. For the cost of shipping I'll send you some.


  1. Whatever they can charge, they will.

    I use a Davis hoof soaking boot myself. If I put the boot on and fill it with whatever soaking solution I need, I can let my Boy stand in the aisle and all is well.

    I guess the bags would be good if you want to leave the poultice or soak or whatever on in a wrap?

  2. I bought a dry sack (you can get them in outdoors-y sporting goods stores, usually in somplace like the kayaking section) for hoof soaking. Yes, it was around $12, but it will last for a long, long time.


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