Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Speaking of stall guards

The horses are anxiously awaiting turnout, and I usually open their stall doors while  I'm getting them ready. Harvey has an adorable stall behavior that I wanted to share, but naturally when the lighting is good and I've got the Droid in hand, he didn't feel like being adorable. Maybe I'll capture it someday. But here is the footage of the restless boys....

Riley is off camera through much of this one minute video. You don't hear the sound of Riley thwacking a cross tie against the side of his stall -- that hit the cutting room floor because it was deafening.

Someone remind me why there are such things as stall guards and dutch doors? It's hard to make a case for them when I watch this.


  1. Uhm....the stall guards are for our entertainment and the need we have to buy things that look cool.

    I have half yoke stall gates up and never use the sliding doors on my stalls. However, the Boys have outside doors open to the paddock nearly all the time, so inside doors don't matter too much.

    Riley and Harv definitely look ready to get out to raise some ruckus with each other. *lol*

  2. I love dutch doors. I really want them on my house, as weird as that seems.
    That lil donkey is so adorable back there. He wants out too!

  3. CUTIES!!!

    I've always been told that they come of good use in a barn with poor air circulation (don't see many of those in the south, because if you don't have air circulation you'll toast or steam!) so there's a bigger opening for air to go in and out of the stall and horses can stick their heads out for fresh air. I do agree though... that also means biters, horses who paw, decide to try and leap out of their stall, etc. have every opportunity to exercise these talents!

  4. LOL at Riley turning his entire head/neck upside down at Harv in response to the flagging!

    I love wood in barns but I am just about ready to replace our barn aisle dutch doors with these, in hunter green:

    All mine get wet tubs and they get the mush EVERYwhere. These can be taken off the hinges, hosed down, and put back! Plus good ventilation into stalls.

  5. very cute, love seeing the personalities on video. My horse will push open her stall door so it swings into her neighbors open window, thus making that horse push it back, and it will continue to go back and forth like a game, until I finally latch the door
    ...if i might ask though since the subject is stall guards...Aren't those stall guards in the vid a little too low? Ours hit the horse in the chest, so there's no question that the horse doesn't think they can just try to step over it and then ultimately getting caught up. Although I must say I'm not real sure because we've never had a problem with our horses and their stall guards. They respect them and we've neve had an issue so far.

  6. Geez Ma, hurry up already will ya? Cute :o)

  7. How about that big yawn! That is a yawn of happiness if I have ever seen one. Your boys are so shiny, too.

  8. I like stall guards because they provide a "last resort" if something would happen, a safety feature in case something like a barn fire would happen.
    My stall guard is much much higher than yours, however. I have two, one to be at the bottom of the horses' chest and the other to be about a foot higher. Yours are way too low for my comfort.

  9. Ah, just a typical boy horse bitey-face game. I used to watch two geldings go through the same sort of ritualized bitey-face game over permanent metal stall guards. Well-behaved, much like Harv and Riley, and it was clearly something they enjoyed playing.

    Also agree with others about the lowness of the stall guards.

  10. soooo cute!! love the boys!! :)
    their stall guards are much too low though, the top of the stall guard should be at the spot where the neck connects to the chest and it would be even better if they were higher but that would mean you would need more than one, as they could go under it if their heads are down. sorry i'm a paranoid pony-clubber XP


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