Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Riley and I work with a nationally recognized coach

Here you see Riley and I work on the "funny hop" he exhibits to the right (throughness issue?) while internationally acclaimed former little league coach Bob Smith -- also my husband -- offers his expertise and insight. He did pretty well. I can usually feel it but he will often see subtle signs that I'm missing.


  1. Excellent and observant coaching from a true master. *S* What a sweetie to film you and help out like that! A superhubby for sure.

    Looks like Riley comes off the outside rein...Might try thinking of pushing his right hind into the outside rein, even, perhaps, making him a bit straighter on the circle--less bend as you push him forward into the outside contact?

    I'm not there to thoroughly analyze, but what I am "feeling" as I pretend to ride him that he is hollow on the right and needs to fill out that side more, so think of stretching his right side to make it longer and straighter as you ride.

    You can test out the theory by riding in counterbend to see if it corrects the "hop." If it does, then riding him straighter on the circle with correct bend will help fix things.

  2. Hi there

    I have been following your blog with interest since I have a young horse the same age. I did have similar problems last year and I believe you are correct about throughness. It looks as though he is not pushing evenly off each hind leg and with my horse I really think this is due to some stiffness/one sidedness. What happens when you really give the right rein?

    In my case I remember my coach helping me work on getting him really swinging through his back in the warm up. I think we slowed the tempo a little so that he could find his balance better.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!


  3. Ha, funny!

    I have noticed how quiet your hands are - I wish mine were.

    Good idea Jean - counterbend.

  4. This very same thing happens to me when I ride my horse and it is more pronounced on the right rein. This does not happen when a friend rides him(who is a much better rider than me and is training another horse). Also after she rides him and I get on he is much less likely to do it. We have reasoned that she is a much more balanced rider and keeps his bend correct and does not let him fall out. I have also used the counterbend to correct it and it does work, however my friend never has to get to that point as she keeps him from falling out. When I get on I try to keep him between my thighs, more straight but with my inside leg on. I'll be interested to hear what you do that works. BTW I saw the hop earlier..seemed like around 25-30 secs..and pretty much every time he was bending around the curve.

  5. when i grow up i want to mary some one like bob.


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