Sunday, July 24, 2011

Striking photo

A BTB reader recently joined me on Facebook and I noticed a striking photo in one of her albums -- the on to the right! It was taken by Tom Reardon, husband of Lynn Reardon, the founder of L.O.P.E in Texas (Lonestar outreach to place ex-racers), a thoroughbred rehab center outside of Austin. Lynn wrote a book about ex-racers, Beyond the Homestretch: What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear and Finding My Inner Cowgirl.

The horse is named Red, and you can see why!


  1. I'm glad you gave a shout out to LOPE! Great place - I met Lynn when she was in Tucson on her book tour and immediately liked her because she saw my OTTB and started gushing over how gorgeous he is. :) But seriously, she's a good horsewoman. We visited LOPE while horse shopping and though they didn't have a good fit at the time (Mom needed a nice, mellow packer-type), it was great to see the place, and it's one of the horse places I will donate money to once I'm rich and funds are unlimited. (Ha!)

    -Net, whose computer is once again not letting me sign in.

  2. That is a bit spooky. But he is red indeed.

  3. Wow! That poor baby needs some groceries.

  4. My brown OTTB is named "Red" also! :)

  5. Thanks, Stacey!! That's my boy, Redabyebye -- and he has gotten lots of groceries since coming off the track last fall. This was taken shortly after that, and he was still thin -- not anymore! He'll always be lean, but the muscle is getting there. At age 4, he's got a ways to go.....


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