Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VTO Saddlery makes my dreams come true

How, in my exhaustive search of tack stores on the Web for Devon Aire Freedom boots,  did I not NOT search VTO Saddlery? I love that store.

I stumbled across my discontinued Freedom boots at VTO Saddlery. On sale for $64. In my size.What is there to say, except...


Mein liebchen. Mon petite chou. While it's a shame I found them AFTER I'd replaced my old Devon Aires,  I can't resist my beloved  boot that looks great and feels great for everyday. I have placed an order and will soon  have three tiers of boots.

  • The Devon Aires for general barn wearing, schooling, lessons.
  • The Mountain Horse boots when I need to look a bit nicer, or when it is too rainy/muddy for the Petries. 
  • The Petries.
I am truly blessed, bootwise. For those of you who are old enough to remember Imelda Marcos and her closet full of shoes, I think I'm channelling a little Imelda these days. A little Imelda, and a little Nancy Sinatra.


  1. I, too love that store. I bought my Ariat Maestros there last winter. Any time I need a specially sized item, or something hard to find. Boom, there it is at VTO. They do a great job. And ... you gotta love their shipping prices!!!!!

  2. I hope you purchased 2 or 3 back-up pairs! :)

  3. I fear I am a bit of an Imelda with my regular shoes. For a while it was Ariats, but when my foot size changed I just bought the new ones in needed, not the full line...

    Now I am "into" Skechers Shapeups.

    Riding boots...well Mountain Horse and....uhm...I have three tall pairs.

    Congrats on finding the boots you love. I remember your fruitless search a while back. Great to discover there were still some out there.

    Only one pair?? Ya know, if they don't make them anymore, you might need spare pair for the future when these wear out......*grin*

  4. Where are they for $64?? I only see them for $80-something on the website? (Never heard of VTO before, thanks for the tip) We wear the same size, too, so I'm looking for 8 1/2 Slim. I saw 9 Slim, do you think those would fit? Also, are they REALLY breathable like they say? It gets pretty stinkin' hot here in MO and I don't want my legs to sweat off any more meagre padding. :-)

  5. Isn't that always the way? After you have already "settled" for something else. At least they were on sale.

    Why not order a second pair? I think I would since they are not only on sale, but discontinued (move over Imelda, here comes Stacey ;o) *laugh*

  6. Well, the Devon Aire Freedoms are very sparsely available -- would have gotten several backups if I could have.

    Jean, if you are liking sketchers I should look into them. the commercials kind of turn me off :-)

    RiderWriter, this post is a little old (I write in advance), my cc statement says $64. The slims I got are somehow not as slim as my original pair, but still okay. The footbed is pretty true to size. Check ebay, they sometimes do have them, and Ovation boots may be similar -- never saw them in person.


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