Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creativity reins! Er, reigns! (Absorbine Showsheen product winners!)

And the winners are....

  • Paint horse milo -- "First I was afraid, I was petrified."  Pitched to someone who has seen Birdcage 100 times, how could PHM lose? I was singing these lyrics in the car. 
  • Tracie F.N. -- A cheer, super fun and creative, I see it as a "half-time act" at Dressage at Devon.
  • Sara Fowler -- Great story with a killer ending, because we all put our horses first: "My beautiful pony won a lovely first place; Then after we won? I saw dirt on my face."
  • Alana -- Best rap lyric: "When a horse walks in with a shiny butt in yo' face" (conjures up a great mental image).
  • Katelyn -- for her poetic retelling of Harv flying around the fields, reminded me a little of Dr. Seuss (No more ‘kind of’ gleam!/No more in between! /They were clean!)
Some of you have included email (I'll be in touch). If you are a winner, email me your addresses at Congrats!


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