Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane preparations: Overheard on Facebook

ice-cream french toast Many of you are probably aware that the East Coast is under the threat of Hurricane-related storms -- high winds, heavy rain, flooding, etc.

Posted on Facebook: Stopping by after work to pick up "bad weather" staples at the grocery.
Response: You mean, french toast and ice cream?

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Me, no grocery staples - I'm buying up the shavings bags and pelleted shavings at the tractor supply store.

Stay safe everyone...


  1. Remember when I posted a while back that my mare has her own way of trying to get my attention on cross-ties? It's sorta like Harv's "hover-hoof" but with the Silly Bay Mare's own little flair.

    Enjoy! :)

    --Liz and Berta (the silly bay may herself)

  2. Don't forget to put your number on their halters or with the yellow med spraypaint on their sides! Needed to do that with all the wildfires down here. Not sure which end of the spectrum I would want: hurricanes or wildfires :/

    Stay safe!

  3. Me too! Shavings, horse feed, and alfalfa cubes are what I call "staples." And water in every bucket.

    I haven't identified my horses, however. There just aren't that many horse farms in the area, so if they did get out, ownership would be figured out pretty fast....I hope.

  4. phone number on the halter, don't keep them in stalls always in the pasture. barn roofs cave in easily. get lots of batteries, fill the bathtub with water get foods you have to grill. bring everything remotely moveable inside, and lanterns lanterns lanterns and small battery powered fans.
    although thats overboard for this little hurricane thats cat three or four hurricane, we don't usually prepare for cat ones, we just go to school and work anyway. However old habits die hard :)


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