Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I resemble that remark!

I often check my blog stats and it's easy to track down where my blog is being referenced. In Australia on a horse forum, my blog came up in a discussion of "what are the good horse blogs." BTB was mentioned, and the poster gave a bit of commentary. What can I say about the last sentence?   I resemble that remark! Adelatus thanks for mentioning BTB, and I'm glad you enjoy it.:-)


  1. Well.....yeah....kind of, you are.*lol*

    But it is something to admire. I tend to be a bit more laid back myself, but never let it be said my horses lack for much.

  2. Louise M (Adelatus)August 24, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    Bloody hell, that was weird seeing that pop up unexpectedly!

    This is the only blog (of any topic) that I visit on a regular basis, and that's because it's genuinely really good.

    Sometimes I think I only comment to query something which may come across as negative, and then I say nothing when I probably should say something nice.

    Anyway, you're doing a great job.



  3. Hey adelatus, hope I didn't make you feel bad! I got a kick out of the comment -- it's true, I do dote on my boys, I'm afraid I'm a crazy horse lady. I feel less crazy because I know it's whackadoodle behavior while I'm doing it.

  4. Obviously I must be bent in pretty much the same direction as I would have called that a compliment *grin* ;o)

  5. Stacey, I adore your "anality" and feel relieved that someone else "dotes, frets and worries" like I do - guess its the DQ way. I eagerly look forward to your blog each and every day of the week.


  6. I love that you're self-aware enough to read that comment, giggle, and say "yep that's me!" Just one more reason why I enjoy your blog...


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