Saturday, August 6, 2011

Policy change: If I like it I blog it :-)

Just FYI, by some standards I'm now a corporate shill.

Hopefully not too many of you will be offended, but here is the scoop., a company I routinely buy from, recently asked if I would put a small link to their web site, for a modest sum of money. This blog isn't about making money, and IMHO the blog-for-profit blogs have ads that are kind of obnoxious. The link they suggestedis so understated I don't think many people would even notice it. I'I've added a link  in my right-hand column, and though didn't ask, I added their logo too. It's cute. I love the leg wraps.

The giveaways are certainly ad-like, in that they bring the company some visibility and possibly bring me new readers. But if I'm not selling ad space why would I care? I guess it's an ego thing. 

Amending my thoughts on ads: Define "ad" :-)
I have resisted ads for a looong time, and I'm never going to sell off space on the blog for any old company.  But what about companies I like, and have personal experience with, and would recommend to friends? What the heck. deserves some real estate on the blog, and because they've won my confidence...
  • They have good prices. 
  • They have variety. 
  • They have unique stuff. 
  • Their ad includes coupons. 
Check it out, see if you like something, and know that this is a company with a good reputation. Meanwhile I won't be running out looking for advertisers.


  1. Except, somehow you need to shrink the logo to fit your sidebar. Not sure how to do that myself.

    I like They have excellent prices as you noted, fast shipping, and a nice selection. No problem with your "selling your soul" here. *VBWG*

  2. I like, and have used them several times too. My only gripe is that their logo is a 2d tracing of a 3d breyer model horse -

  3. No problem with the policy change--it's your blog, right? Completely off topic: today when I was trying to describe my schedule to my son he said "that should be a t-shirt" so I thought of your blog. Here it goes: "I want to do it all-and still have time to ride my horse!"

  4. No problem here - in fact, I say, "It's about time!" :-) You bust your butt between working, taking care of your boys and writing this blog and I think it's perfectly appropriate that you get a little back. I wasn't aware of that resource myself so I'm actually glad you brought it to our attention!

  5. The logo looks great!

    As noted, I love prices. I don't buy everything there, but they are one of the first places I look for a good deal on something I need.

  6. I'm a satified customer too. And as much as you put into this blog, you deserve a little $ back!

  7. I buy from them all the time. Good for you to earn some money.

  8. I don't see anything wrong with it at all. I find it better than reviews to get free stuff. Not that I've seen this on your blog, or any horse blogs for that matter, but I have seen it with home schooling stuff. It gets really obnoxious, moms giving positive reviews on everything just to get free stuff and their blog becoming one big marketing campaign. It's their blog, of course, but it gets old when you know they can't possibly love everything that gets sent their way.

  9. I clicked on the logo in your post and it didn't take me to the site, and neither did the one in the sidebar, so you might need to fix that :)
    On a related note, what is's policy on shipping to Canada?

  10. Hi Horsemom, only asked me to link to the coupons -- but that said, I might as well link to the site on the sidebar. I didn't really intend for the image in the post to go to the page -- the link is directly above it.

    Thanks for the idea!

  11. I had no idea even existed...good to know!


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