Tuesday, August 2, 2011

U could WIN: a bottle of ShowSheen 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner!

  Last night, Harv and Riley were turned out mistakenly in our front field,  which is supposed to be empty on Thursday nights. Why? Because on Thursdays, a nearby church shows outdoor movies for kids, and the noises scares the horses.

I got to the farm to find both my boys careening around. I parked and walked into the pasture.  Riley seemed relieved to see me and he came right over. Harv was beside himself. He was alarmed, disrupted, and judging from the look in his eyes  he held me personally responsible for the the whole wretched situation. He would not come over. Back and forth he trotted and cantered, stepping high, flinging his forelegs, and swiveling is head back and forth. As I watched him I marvelled. GOD he looks good!

Thanks Flex+Maxtm and Absorbine for keeping my elder statesman young at heart.

Thanks to Absorbine for once again making a generous giveaway possible. I truly love Absorbine, not only for their Flex product but for the ShowSheen I overapply for every show. They now have a shampoo/conditioner, and five of you can win a bottle. How?

Write a little jingle using the words showsheen and absorbine. It can be short, long, a rock lyric, a country lyric, a rap lyric,  whatever you want. Entries will be judged on originality, humor, and sense of fun.  Leave your little rhyme as a comment with identifying info and check back in a week. I'll pick the top five responses. Winners will be announced Monday, August 8th,

Good Luck!


  1. showsheen/absorbine rap

    I like shiny horses,
    I cannot lie,
    You other horsemen can't deny,
    When a horse walks in with a shiny butt in yo' face,
    and a price you can't disgrace,

    Its stop...show...showsheen time!
    Absorbine has the skills,
    The other companies can't match,
    When a horse walks in with a tail like silk,
    The other bottles feel whipped!

    So get freaky! Get shine!
    Its showsheen time!


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  3. It's my Industrial Strength Showsheen.


  4. All the White Horses.

    There once was a white horse named Fred,
    Who'd lie in the mud as his bed.
    He was once white as lye,
    Till the rain fell from the sky,
    "I need some Absorbine!" his owner had said!

    There once was a horse named Sam;
    Who was as white as a newly born lamb.
    Normally her owner would weep,
    When the mud covered coat and feet,
    "I need ShowSheen!" she'd damn.

    There once was a horse named Peter,
    With mud to his white stockings by the meter,
    Knowing there was hope,
    His owner could cope,
    So to the jug of Absorbine he'd lead her!

    There finally was a pony named Paul,
    Who'd get dirtier then them all.
    His owner didn't care,
    When the neighbours would stare,
    "I've got ShowSheen!" he'd just call!

    But this summer was hot,
    and though all the Showsheen was bought,
    the rains wouldn't fall from the sky.
    And the owners of white horses, they let out a great big cry,
    "Absorbine you're the product we sought!"

  5. As I arrived at the farm,
    My little piece of heaven was on the alarm,
    Gone was the charm...
    My babies could be harmed!

    The church across the yard was bumpin’
    The place was just a’thumpin’!
    My poor pony’s heart’s were pumpin’
    Every noise got them jumpin’

    My two beauties would prance,
    Almost as if they were performing a dance
    And I could not help but glance;
    “Those gorgeous coats!” Those did not come by chance!

    I had spent hours of time
    Getting rid of the grit and the grime
    Off of my two partners in crime.
    If not for Absorbine, they would not be so prime!

    Those hours with soap in hand
    At that awful wash stand...
    But those horses still looked bland!
    I hadn’t been impressed with any brand...

    And then I met Absorbine along with his friend Showsheen,
    No more ‘kind of’ gleam!
    No more in between!
    They were clean!
    Finally ready for that dressage show scene. :)


  6. Showsheen, Showsheen, Showsheen
    My precious silky spray
    Combine it with Absorbine and
    My horses win the day!

    A shiny coat, a sleek tail, a very soft mane
    Supple muscles, pain-free joints,
    to go without would be insane!

    So it's a spray here, a rub there, and your mount'll be lookin' fine.
    Showsheen plus Absorbine - it's a flippin' gold mine!


  7. Accidental Turn Out

    I got a ribbon from the last horse show
    I didn’t expect it. Why? I don’t know.
    I arrived at the stable the day of the show
    Prepared to brush her out, and to make her glow

    She didn’t come forward when I walked to her stall
    My pony, dearest pony was not there at all.
    With a sinking dread I walked into the yard,
    Praying she was there, my heart beating hard.

    I called for my pony, the dirty pasture grim,
    Expecting the best, but my hopes grew dim.
    On her rush to the gate, puddles shone on the ground
    Of course she plowed through ‘em, it made quite a sound.

    She’d itched through her sleezy—it left me with doubt.
    I worried, in fact, that her braids did fall out
    Her pretty white blaze from forehead to nose
    Was covered in bran mash. (The least of my woes.)

    Those brilliant white socks were both brown and grey
    And covered in grass stains—she rolled on her hay.
    I sighed and I haltered, cussing at my luck
    Showing after this mess? That would take some pluck.

    Using Absorbine products, I gave her a bath
    (Whoever turned her out would deserve my wrath!)
    I scrubbed and I rinsed, and toweled her dry,
    And reached for my Showsheen, my hopes still not high.

    My poor ugly duckling turned swan in a blink
    I looked at my watch—we had no time to think!
    We loaded and reached the show office in time,
    (To be excluded now would be a true crime!)

    I dressed in a hurry, and tacked up my girl,
    No frills and no extras, did my class in a whirl.
    My beautiful pony won a lovely first place
    Then after we won? I saw dirt on my face.

  8. My horse, he was looking quite bad.
    He’d been rubbing and scratching like mad.
    And then with a thud,
    He rolled in the mud,
    What a wonderful aspect to add...

    I had to pull out the Absorbine!
    Their specialty product called Showsheen.
    I lathered and rinsed;
    My horse never winced,
    And now I can smile ‘cause he’s so clean!


  9. Because I love haikus:

    Wash dirty white horse
    with ShowSheen. Now he's all clean! Thanks to Absorbine!

    Aaaand, because it's morning:

    So much code to write
    Sadly, my caffeine is gone
    Why God? Oh why me?

  10. Isn't it funny that our horses sometimes look their best when they are scared to death!

  11. Sent to me directly, here's a cheer!

    Please imagine this cheer rendered by a group of girls dressed in equestrian-themed Lycra outfits: HEY When you wanna go show, and you want a super glow, Just - POUR. ON. THE SHOW SHEEN, MADE. BY. ABSORBINE! Your horse deserves the very best just forget about the rest So – POUR. ON. THE SHOW SHEEN, MADE. BY. ABSORBINE! Hair polish that’ll make him bright shampoo that cleans so right Just – POUR. ON. THE SHOW SHEEN, MADE. BY. ABSORBINE! GO SHOW, GO SHOW, YAAAAAAY!!! (I have absolutely no idea where this came from. I was *not* a cheerleader, as I can’t even do a cartwheel. :-) (rec'd on fb)

  12. First I was afraid
    I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never clean the dirt from my horse
    But I spent so many hours
    scrubbing away the filthy mess
    I grew strong
    I learned to love these easy products!
    and so I thank
    the Absorbine crew!
    If they hadnt made their Showsheen
    we would be laughed out the arena.
    I love the great products,
    I love my clean and shiny horse!
    And we took first, couldn've been done without my Show-Sheen!


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