Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CATching up

I'm not a patient person, and impulse control is not my forté. But when I have a chance to think, I get a grip on reality. Yes, I've waited a bit long to hear from the cat rescue -- but there was a hurricane, and I learned that my interviewer has not had power since Sunday of the hurricane. She did call me  over Labor Day weekend, which was nice.

Deep, cleansing breaths...
I called her back today, and got her in person, and I got a better feeling about the situation. We have an interview scheduled for Saturday, with both Bob and I, at home. We at least have a chance.

So it's hopeful, but I need to face the possibility that I might not get the cat we're trying to adopt.  And let's face it:  THERE ARE MANY NEEDY CATS.  I started searching other pet sites, and now I have a call in about this cat Mia -- in case things fall through with my big orange cat. 

Oh, the orange boy. I don't even want to think about him until we know it's a "go"...


  1. I'm glad to hear this. I have to say I was obviously in the minority, but I know, as someone who has just returned to work after an 11-week furlough, that those people who won't stop calling can really get under my skin. I ask that people please respect that I'm doing my best to catch up, and that I'll call when I have a free minute. I'm sure she was trying to get there too. While it may be said the squeaky wheel gets the grease, I know personally the squeaky wheels I deal with can really ruin my day.

    At any rate, I'm glad to hear it seems to be progressing more smoothly, and hopefully all will work out in kitty-land.

  2. I love Mia, she is gorgeous. Hope you get her!

  3. You are right, there are plenty of other needy cats. But I'm sure a home visit will show them what a great home you will be.

    In my Google Reader feed there was an extra post before this one about being gaga over horses so I headed over to comment, but blogger says it doesn't exist! It was a good post, hope it is published properly for comment soon. :)

  4. Oh, see, now doesn't this mean you have to get BOTH big orange boy AND Mia?

  5. You're in/near Philly right? I have a friend who fosters for ACCT.... though this may be the shelter that you're having headaches with. I believe she works with other rescues and should be able to put you in touch with one that would be more responsive, if orange cat or Mia falls through. She is one of those people who will go the extra mile for you.

    You can reach her through her craigslist add.

    Good luck!

  6. Loving your titles. I hope it is cat-agious.

  7. I feel that rescue is a bit like hoarding, it's why I got out of horse rescue. I just couldn't support the rescue retaining ownership over all of the horses rescued for life. I picked up one of my cats at the pound already neutered and fronts declawed for $20, got his shots and a vet exam for another $75. Had to sign a contract and provide my own carrier to take him home. Rescue good deed concluded with no hassle or exorbitant fee.

  8. I love big orange keeties. I hope it works out. Jingles!

  9. Mia is already adopted -- it's probably wrong to pick a cat on aesthetics alone but what a striking face! She is a beauty and I hope she found a lovely home. I still want my big red boy anyway. I'm hoping the fact that she is off the table means "Russell" will soon be mine...

  10. I understand the agency's interest in placing cats in a good home... but it seems with all of the cats that need homes this is a bit over the top. You'd think with the application process they might trust people enough to forego a home visit/interview.
    Good luck - I do hope you get your boy!


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