Friday, September 30, 2011

Easyboots, a mixed blessing

I turned Riley out the other morning. He walked through a pasture of decent footing and grass to stand in a remote corner of fetlock-deep mud. Bye, bye, one-week-old left front shoe and pad. We hardly knew yee. Dammit Ri!

The one positive of this situation is that the Easyboot I've had for oh, six months, can finally be put to the test. I wrapped Ri's foot in duct tape, lined the boot with a roll of that disposable leg wrap stuff, and put on the boot. Then I took him out to lunge.

He looked great. Fantastic in fact, striding out as much as I've ever seen him. I got on him and rode him, lightly, for about 15 minutes. Could this be a Viable Solution to shoes? I wonder....

I turned him out in the same boot, and made him canter a bit in the pasture. The boot stayed on.

Pinch me.

A few hours later I bring him in, and remove the boot, envisioning a future where Ri's heels can expand and the barefoot aficianados are giving my blog a high-five. Maybe, maybe not. The back of the boot had rubbed his pastern, right along the line of a seam -- not ugly, but not acceptable either. I think Easyboot sells Gaitors. Must look into that.


  1. Maybe try a different make of boot? The horses at my local riding school go barefoot, although a couple of them wear boots sometimes. They have found that different brands of boots suit different horses, and the boots need to be worn in a bit, and I think they usually use the gaiters.

    From what I've see bare hooves have a lot more traction, and all the horses here seem to be able to travel over anything, although were very careful where took them for the first few months until their feet toughened up.

  2. Thanks for the review! A fellow boarder at my barn is considering easy boots to use for trail riding. I'll share this with her.

  3. Check out their new boots - Easyboot Trails. I know quote a few horses that got rubs with the old easyboots and don't in the trails. I also know one horse (lami rehabber) that wears them for about 20 hours a day. Also, don't forget to get pads to use with the boots to stimulate his soles.


    These boots look awesome and are worn by endurance horses over long distances. My farrier also HIGHLY recommends them way over the easyboots etc. She did say, however, that the way to make sure these boots fit was to have your farrier come out and trim them to match the shape of your horses hoof. I believe the "adjusting" link also explains this.

    My farrier and I have discussed using boots on my TB mare for eventing once she is ready for such things since I don't like shoes....

  5. If you don't like the easyboots (I've had issues with them too) Try renegades. I loved them
    If not I have had TONS of success putting horses in easywalkers they are the best plastic shoe I have ever used or applied. I have used them on all kinds of horses they are excellent especially for decontracting

  6. Try the gaiters. They work great for rubbing. Which model are you using? The Gloves are fabulous and you can use the glue-ons with just med tape, too.

  7. Interesting. Getting my high five ready!

  8. Interesting, look forward to finding out how you progress with the boots. Are you hoping to go barefoot?

  9. I checked with my riding school friends. They use Old Macs or Cavello's, with gaiters. Would not have then on longer than half an hour in the beginning & work up from there.


  10. I have similar problems with boots I've bought. Bit of a nuisance having to get the fit right and then have rubs. Haven't tried the gaiters.

  11. If Riley has big feet, you will be limited in your choice of boot brands. I use Renegades for 16.2H Ellie and really like them. They are easy on and off but initial fit is tricky and best done by a professional. So far, we've not had any issues with rubbing.

  12. FYI, the easyboot website has a toll free # and the staff are extremely helpful and good at troubleshooting.

  13. Easycare
    Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST:


  14. I've been using Cavallo simple boots for the past two years for foxhunting since I took Freedom barefoot. I find they fit better than the Easyboots and stay on. Now, I stopped with the Easyboots after the Bares . . . the new trail boots are a lot more like Easyboots or Old Macs.

    Freedom wears them all 'round for hunting and is barefoot the rest of the time. They have never rubbed and are super easy to put on.

    Works for us!

  15. Wrap his heels & pasterns in a few layers of vet wrap... then put the boots on. The vet wrap will prevent rubbing, and eventually he will adjust to the boots and won't need it, just like when we break in a new pair of shoes. Boots are a great alternative to metal shoes... but take some getting used to. I see some people recommend Renegades... but they tend to fill up with sand or dirt when you ride in a sand arena. The Easyboot Gloves and a boot called "Hoof Wings" are the best ones I found for riding in sand arenas as well as the great outdoors.


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