Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Newman and Red Kitka: Budding Friendship?

Close but no cigar, Guy.
Newman is trying to make friends, in his clumsy, semi-agressive, I-was-socialized-at-a-shelter kind of way. A typical scenario:
-Newman and Red Kitka (RK) will be in a room, at opposite ends,  unaware of each other.
-Newman stares at RK like he is seeing him for the first time.
-He starts to slink toward RK, belly to the ground, in hunting mode.
-From about 10 feet away, Newman charges RK.
-RK stands his ground, hissing, ears pinned.
-Newman takes a seat inches from RK. For about a minute they stare at one another.
-Newman lays down.
-He lies on his side
-He exposes his belly.
-RK looks down for a moment, then walks away in disdain.
-The cycle starts again about an hour later

For so long, RK was afraid. Now, he's  resigned. Here is a mini-stalk session. I love RK's expression.
Can we be friends? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Between photo 1 and 2, RK hissed quietly. Newman backed off.

I love RK's eyes here. The look is "Make this dude go away."


  1. You do know that showing belly is aggression in cats, right? You seemed to think in an earlier post that it was submissive behavior, which is true of dogs. Cats roll over so they can use their back feet to fight.

    Hopefully they will work it out, it takes time.

  2. Hi Allie, I had not heard that, and at least from a few internet searches it does not seem to be the case always. In some articles it was called defensive agression, signifying ambivalence about fighting but wanting to be prepared. Other articles associate it with relaxation and trust...

  3. I'm sure they will work it out - or at least learn to live with each other in a mutual respect.

    I also wanted to know that I mentioned your blog in my blog as I bought one of your "Happy" t-shirts and received LOTS of comments about it when I was photographed riding in it. =)

  4. Sometimes showing a belly is an invitation to play. I see it in my cats. I also have a cat who will show her belly to me 'cause she wants a tummy rub.

    From the pictures and your description, it looks like they're working things out reasonably well.


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