Sunday, September 18, 2011

Russell comes home

We picked Russell up this afternoon. Bob was nervous and concerned about how Red Kitty would react. On the drive over he kept saying "I hope we're doing the right thing." I kept my mouth shut but man, was that irritating.

He had not met Russell at the shelter. We had an exchange in front of the shelter volunteer that I'm not proud of.

Bob:           Which one is he?
Me:             One of the two red ones on the sink.
Bob:           You don't KNOW?
Me:             I think he's the one looking at us.
Volunteer:  Yes, that's right!
[She inspects to make sure his claws are clipped. He looks scruffier than I remembered. There is a long silence, then..]
Bob:          That one? That's the one you picked?" 
Me:           Bob--Shut up.

Russell yowls all the way home while I talk to him in soothing tones.  Bob notes that he smells. I'm ready to clock my husband.  We get home in about 20 minutes. I bring him into the guest room where the cat cage is, while Bob handles Red Cat. Red Cat seems pretty calm.

Russell walks into the cage. He is wide-eyed for a few minutes, but then he assumes the classic bread loaf position that indicates he feels okay. I let him out for a bit and hold him, and after a spell he goes back into the cage. He starts kneading the many layers of blankets, and he curls up against the armrest. I made Bob come and spend time with him, and we laugh at how quickly he's acclimated.

"He thinks he's having a spa day," Bob said.

For just a few moments, we let Red Kitty in. They touch noses, and while Red Kitty has a fat tail, there is no hissing. Russell looks completely undefensive.

I think it's going to be okay. But we have to give that cat a bath!


  1. You picked a good one! You might try those wet pet cloths rather than a bath. Might not be quite so traumatic.

  2. I'm glad it's working out. He looks like quite the character.

  3. Wow, it sounds like the introduction to Red Cat went very well!

    Welcome to your Forever home, Russell!

  4. Yay for another animal with a new forever home.

  5. Oh, so sweet that he is home and settling in!

    I laughed at the conversation you are not proud of - mostly b/c I can so relate to it! Give it a month or two and Bob will probably take all the credit for selecting Russell!

  6. Aww, Russell. When we got our second cat (in spite of ultra careful acclimatization and introduction) the first cat wanted nothing to do with the new kitty unless it involved chasing her around and terrorizing her to death. Glad to hear your two seem to have had a good first encounter.

  7. I'm with Bob, you have to love that cattery smell, dont you? Happy cat though, good start :)

  8. Yaaay! I'm so glad you got him!

    Thanks on Russell's part for sticking out what sounded like a quirky application process (they're probably ALL like that, speaking as someone who works in rescue...) and giving him a fantastic home. :)

  9. If you do choose to bathe - I've found that putting a towel down in the sink or tub really helps. It will give the kitty a safer, more stable feeling. No slipping + frantic slicing claws! :)

  10. Aww, happy kitty! I'm glad you got him.

  11. Wishing you, Red Cat, Russell, and Bob all the best as a happy family. I always love it when a cat gets adopted into a superlative forever home, and I am convinced yours is one. (and "Russell" is a charmed name, so I am sure he is a charming fellow!)

  12. Paws up! I'm so happy for you, and especially for Russell, that it worked out!

  13. Glad you got him home safe and sound. Just a thought: try a drop or two of Avon Skin So Soft in his bath - if you have it - works great on stinky kitties and keeps the fleas at bay too - yay ;o)

  14. Hooray! I'm glad you got him and I'm glad that he and Red Cat seem to be OK with each other!


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