Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sinead Halpin: Dressage at Burghley

Sinead Halpin is the top U.S. rider after the dressage phase, Her test is pretty exemplary, and a good look at how to ride a horse Manoir de Carneville -- a Selle Francais not bred for dressage -- and make him look great.


  1. Judge at "C" was a little stingy....

    What a lovely ride. It is always a pleasure to see an event horse that's calm and responsive in the dressage arena.

    That test is tricky too, with lots of the kinds of changes that could rile a horse up. Great ride and a good score.

  2. Beautifully ridden. Did you see Ingrid Klimke's test at Luhmuhlen? Truly exemplary

  3. It looks like she is working really hard to get those results, thus highlighting what you said about the horse not exactly being bred for the sport. She really doesn't get to relax; she has to ride every step of that.

  4. I agree. What was up with the C judge? I think that was a lovely ride.

    The counter canter serpentine-fast canter circle-flying changes-movement is ready different. Is that common in eventing dressage? I thought dressage flying changes were pretty much always on the diagonal and lengthened gaits on the rail or diagonal. Interesting. I love the refined look of the Selle Francais.

  5. Very nice! Watching good dressage is like an oasis after watching several AQHA & APHA Hunt Seat Pleasure classes at our state fair over the weekend.


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