Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi All -- as promised I'm so happy to partnering with designer Kimberly of Enter at A Browbands to offer a bling browband giveaway! Kimberly made the browband shown on the right but she will will create a custom black or brown browband for the winner. All readers need to do to enter is:
  1. Go to the Enter at A Facebook page (click on the Win a Browband image on right to get there.)
  2. Like her page.
  3. Say what blog you heard about the contest from, and why you'd like a browband. 
If you or your readers don't have a Facebook account you can leave a comment with the needed info in my blog.

If you promote the blog, Kimberly will give you $30 off a custom browband plus free shipping( so would be $65 unless you want Swarovski or sterling silver). 

Need more motivation? Take a look at Kimberlys's sample browbands.

The contest ends on October 25th. Winner is announced shortly thereafter.


  1. I don't have a facebook account so I'll enter via your blog. I heard about it hear, and I would love a browband for my poor plain brown horse. I think she needs a little bling.


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