Friday, October 7, 2011

Exquis Nadine freestyle

Every so often I run across a freestyle that I can show to my non-horsey friends, knowing that they'll "get it." Here is one from 2009, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Exquis Nadine. Sixteen-year-old Nadine retired in August of this year after riding Grand Prix for five years. She will be a broodmare now.

At the time of the announcement, Hans Peter pointed out that the decision to retire Exquis Nadine was only finalised recently, and it wasn't an easy one to make. But, along with the mare's owners, he had been thinking about it for a while. "She's done such a lot" he pointed out, "she needed an extra page in her passport because she had travelled so much around the world!"


  1. Thank you!! I loved it! One of the best musical interpretations I've seen in a long time. He got a little ahead of the music in the canter before the second pirouette to "Turn, Turn," but no biggie as the rest was so spot on. I haven't seen many freestyles that really work to the music but this one surely did.

    Wonder what the artistic score was?

  2. That is a wonderful Freestyle, by pure coincidence I happened to watch it earlier today.

    I must share with you 'my' favorite, from the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto last year. I really enjoyed this performance (Watched it live), I can't wait to see this years performance...

  3. That really was one that even non-horse people would *get*. I loved the music - I even started tearing up at one point. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Did my comment vanish? Love it. One of the few freestyles where the music and the ride meshed beautifully.

    Wonder what the artistic scores were?


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