Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ponies: How can something so cute be so naughty?

A local dressage barn north of where I live has had a banner year, with many of their boarders cleaning up with the ESDCTA year-end awards and earning USDF medals. Maybe this success is part of the reason they graciously permitted me to share these photos of the "dressage out-takes." This talented but sometimes naughty pony is skillfully piloted around the ring by this young rider. Look how soft she stays through all of these antics!


  1. Oh my, what a naughty pony, lol! The rider does do a good job.

  2. What I image the dressage test did not say:
    Picture 1 - Great engagement of the hocks, nicely reaching for contact on the bit
    Picture 2 - Hind leg extention could be better, good rider balance
    Picture 3 - Nice engagement of the hindquarters however canter is slightly downhill
    Picture 4 - Nice elevation of shoulders through the corner
    Picture 5 - Excellent extention of the gait, horse taking contact nicely, nicely forward

  3. Some kids will learn to ride on a naughty pony like that and some kids will be scared off unfortunately. It looks like this young lady is one of the former - she's doing a great job

    My daughter had a pony (who had scared off her previous rider) who used to buck the entire way around a showjumping course while screaming her head off to her buddy in our truck. Four stride related distance = jump, buck, buck, buck, buck, jump and kick out in mid-air for good measure!

    When you've managed to stay on and even maintain some semblance of control in such a situation, it gives you huge confidence to cope with difficult horses in the future.

  4. BEAUTIFUL examples of the new USDF/USEF "Trick" Dressage tests to be implemented in 2012. BRAVO to that rider. She was definitely sticking it! @Appydoesdressage - LOVE your commentary!

  5. Love her determined expression throughout the pics....

  6. How can it be so cute and naughty all at the same time? Let me introduce you to my almost 3 year old son. LOL! We're constantly being told how cute he is when we take him places (even when he's covered in finger paint...) and he smirks and says "I know!" IF he's in a bashful mood he just says "Thanks!" But seriously, sometimes he is a total bugger.

    Last night, he was running around the house roaring and headbutting everyone. He ended up in time out three times. He threw a temper tantrum because he wanted a popsicle before dinner, so he got no popsicle at all...

    My grandmother used to say "The prettiest apples have the rottenest cores" So, we're trying to remove the rotten part, but he sure is cute (and has a "wife" at daycare, and is doted on my several other little girls his age... I'm in SO much trouble as he gets older...)

  7. I hope they are on a search to find out WHY the pony is doing this kind of thing - there is almost always a reason. Our pony started running out on jumps and then refusing and after a month of hearing trainer talk about him being naughty we had the vet out - he had sore hocks which then turned out to be coming from sore hips. He looked sound in every way - but wasn't. After treatment he went better than ever - happily. They can't talk - so they have to use behavior to get our attention. This pony is screaming for something to be fixed.

  8. What a good little rider on a very naughty pony indeed.

    I am sure these photos will be treasured in years to come. Pony is beautiful despite his talent for airs above the ground. *S*

    Love Appy's comments too!

  9. There is nothing better than pictures of naughty dressage ponies!
    What a awesome rider to stick through all of that with such grace.

  10. Cute, yes
    Naughty, yes
    Smarter than a person, usually, Haflinger, yes!

    As the owner of a Haflinger, I know how smart they are. These little horses have lots of tricks in their pockets and they are not afraid to use them. Maybe they know just how "cute" they are and figures it will let them get away with more.
    Gotta love those Haffies!!

  11. Cute - YES
    Naughty - YES
    Smarter than a human - USUALLY

    I can say this as the owner of a Haflinger, these are smart little horses, although they think they are training you, not the other way around! Although in this case, the young rider is doing a great job. My Haffie always likes to throw in a few bucks for a little extra fun! Love her to pieces though. Gotta love Haffies!

  12. What spunk... rider and Haffie!
    May I share the pictures on my blog, giving you credit?
    I adore the comments!

  13. This kind of post makes me so grateful for my chestnut pony mutt mare. She defies all the stereotypes ...

  14. I agree that naughty ponies make for talented young riders...I have the later which spent 2 years on a very spunky POA. Once that POA came around for her though, it would do anything for my daughter!

  15. I wonder if a steadier lower leg on the rider would make for a steaduer performance from the pony?

    LOL, WV: render

    well, lets hope not!

  16. Oh Dear, Anon! I hope no one ever passes judgement on my lower leg when my horse is doing airs above the ground! Her stirrups are quite long, and I think her poise and agility are pretty remarkable...

  17. What a naughty pony.!!Great riding from the rider.

  18. I love the set of the rider's jaw through all those hops and bucks. Glad she stayed on. That's one naughty, but beautiful Haffie.

  19. haha, I have not been able to stop laughing at these photos! that poor girl's expression! but what skills she is learning along the ride! sent them onto my mother!

  20. I'd love to see pictures of this pony when he is being perfect in the arena!



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