Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Book Rec: Padre's Story

I'm so pleased to recommend Padre the Mustang: A True Story for adults and kids for Christmas.

What? A kid's book? 
Sure, but maybe more. Padre's Story has kid-oriented storytelling, and it's kid-tested on young riders in Vernon Hills, Illinois. The book is also filled with gorgeous full color pictures of Padre, perhaps the most photogenic mustang in history. This could be a coffee table book. I have a copy that I consider Padre's commemorative photo album. I don't know what to say, his sweet face makes me smile and I just plain enjoy looking at it.

If you would like to get one, contact Patti Gruber at The cost is $19.95 before tax and shipping.  It can also be personalized to anyone you would like.  T-shirts are also available for $10 in S-2XL, and Sweatshirts for $15 in M-XL, baseball Caps $15.  Patti takes Visa, MC and AMEX as well as cashiers checks.

Lovely lovely, and each page is filled with color and action!

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  1. Cool. Looks like a great book. I do know someone who might like it. Thanks for the recommendation.


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