Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bob comments on Riley

Here's a husband anecdote for you! For one reason or another, Bob had not seen me ride Riley in six months, and recently he came out to watch us go. He is usually pretty honest, and he was wowed. "Doesn't he step nice?" he exclaimed, and "He's really motoring!" It was an unusually good ride. Riley wasn't unsteady going to the right as he often is, and he really did feel great.

As we drove home Bob made an observation that made me grin. He described Riley as looking mature and professional, and then said:

"I can really sense the connection between horse and rider now. Before, he looked like a baby with a bit in his mouth."

A great comment, I think...

Terry Wetzel, horse husband of Sabrina Wetzel, took this great shot of Ri.


  1. You need to add a "like" button, so those of us with nothing pithy to say can still give some positive feedback.

  2. Great comments. Sometimes the "not so literate in horse talk" people are the best observers and commentators. Their perceptions are pure.

  3. Your wish is my command. The formatting is a bit cattywampus, but the LIKE button is there...


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