Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas idea #4 Another good read

When travelling via plane, selecting the right book to read is a challenge. Too "high-brow" and you won't be able to focus on the subtlety. Too badly written and it won't hold your interest. I'm happy to report that I've found an author I can rely on, I think, for my airport reading.  And she has a dressage connection!

Have any of you read Tami Hoag? Tami is an avid dressage rider of some repute, and she also writes. I hadn't read her books at all, until I picked up a copy of one of her books in the airport in DC last month -- Secrets to the Grave. It's not horsey at all, although she uses a few nice horse metaphors that I enjoyed. It's a little low-brow, it's gory, it's formulaic, but it is a good read that kept me interested while travelling the airways.

It's a great Christmas idea but make sure to vet out your recipients tolerance for graphic thriller-type descriptions. Not for the feint of heart...


  1. Nothing like a good read to keep a trip short.

  2. I've read all her books, for years now. I think she's great, perfect for on the airplane.

  3. Yes, I've enjoyed several of her books. An engrossing read is must on any airplane trip ;o)

  4. I did not read the Tami Hoag book that you recommended. But I did read and I do recommend her book Dark Horse. It definitely has a horsey connection since it is a mystery set in the hunter-jumper-dressage world of Florida.
    Regards, Pamela N.


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