Friday, November 18, 2011

Feliway feli-went, and the fighting starts again

Not our cats...
A bit of an update: Bob threw away the Feliway diffuser a few weeks ago, and didn't tell me -- it was nearly empty and he didn't realize it was reusable. Here's the interesting thing, I didn't notice the diffuser was gone but I noticed the cats fighting again. Last night there was a big fracas, and as we were discussing it I wondered aloud if the pheromones were losing their kick. That's when Bob mentioned we'd run out of juice, and darn if the fighting didn't start one or two days after the diffuser was removed.

We had a new one fedexed, right before I went to San Diego. I'm back now, and ready to assess if things have calmed down.  I thought I'd share my unintentional test and the fact that we did seem to notice a change without the Feliway.

And, drumroll, I think Bob has accepted the situation with the cats. Neither is enamored of the other (yet) but it is not a scary or high agression kind of fighting, and usually they just give each other room. Bob is now telling me the cute things Newman does so he's "in" for good I think...


  1. Verrrrry interesting about the Feliaway. And excellent news that Bob has accepted the disputes as part of the norm. Newman has found a home at last. *S*

  2. Hooray for Newman! Feliway helped Harley and me for a while, too. Now we pretty much just tolerate each other.

  3. I a so happy that your husband seems to have accepted Newman. Some vets have done research indicating that Feliway works.

    The above study shows that cats scratch 96% less to define territory when Feliway is used.

    Regards, Pamela N.


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