Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guess who ordered their Rolex tix???

We do! Bob and I have our tix, our flight, our hotel reservations.  I think this is our five year anniversary of going to Rolex, and also our seven year wedding anniversary (we were married on August 22 or thereabouts).

The Road to Rolex...
When we flew to Indiana, being in an airport reminded me of landing in Lexington and feeling totally jazzed by the horse sculptures and murals there. I was BORN to live in a place that has horses infused into every public space. One day I'll move there...


  1. How wonderful that you've gone to Rolex so many times! You are very lucky. :) Maybe I'll have the pleasure of going one day too - I hope so!
    I know what you mean about the horses "infused into every public place". When I went to KY with Pony Club for nationals this past summer, our hotel had horse pictures all over the place and when you drove down the road all you saw for miles was white picket fences and the beautiful horses. Granted, we were in fairly close proximity to the KY Horse Park, but it was still beautiful. The only thing I didn't like was the humidity!

  2. Sooper dooper! or Super duper! You will have a grand time drinking in all the equine delights, that's for sure. Glad you are going to celebrate!

  3. that's how I feel working at an equine legal office; horse magazines in the waiting room, ribbons and horse art on the walls. I couldn't imagine working in any other kind of environment!!

  4. "I was BORN to live in a place that has horses infused into every public space." LOVE it...


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