Sunday, December 4, 2011

And again. Hunters...

I know this is not really "news" but yet another dressage horse was shot in his own pasture. They aren't sure if it was hunters or an act of malice.

If anything is unforgiveable it's taking out a vendetta on an animal. I hope it was an accident, for all involved.


  1. I hope it was an accident too. But even accidental shootings point out that there are lots of people out there during hunting season with high powered rifles who DO NOT LOOK AT WHAT IS BEHIND THEIR TARGET.
    Accidental or not, this should be criminally prosecuted.

  2. Anything is better than a deliberate act. But either way, the whole situation is scary.

    My Boys are in their orange sheets.

  3. That is just horrible. I cannot imagine the pain the owners are going through. It looks like hunters need a refresh on shooting when there are other animals in the vicinity.


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