Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays: How we're spending our day...

I didn't go home for the holidays this year -- last year I barely made it home from Indiana--weather was closing airports across the country as my plane landed in the Lehigh Valley. Instead, Bob and I planned to be donning Santa hats and doing horse care at Harv and Ri's barn, along with a student at Delaware Valley College.   We were both looking forward to being on a beautiful farm, with beautiful horses, for a few hours and then going to a diner for a nice big meal.  

It's a wonderful life
Unfortunately, Bob has come down with a mystery ailment--full body rash started last week and keeps getting worse -- and I can't give details but a) we don't really know what it is yet and b) it may be work-related (he works with oodles of chemicals). He was sent home from work Thursday until we can find out exactly what's wrong.  A lot of tests were done on Friday. Unfortunately, Christmas has become an barrier to getting medical attention and answers. Bob's basically fine but intermittently uncomfortable.

Update: Oh, this morning our cat woke up with something on his jaw -- I'm thinking he has a tooth abscess, we'll take him to the vet tomorrow. Thanks goodness the horses are well right now! Knock on wood.


  1. Good heavens! That's a crimp or two in the Christmas plans! Hope Bob is treated quickly and recovers even more quickly.

    And the kitty too.

    Wishing you all well and happier times.

  2. Oh dear. "Merry Itchmas" at the BTB household. Sorry to hear this. I guess Bob REALLY didn't want to see War Horse. (kidding)

    I live in the Mojave Desert where we DO get four seasons. Right now it's VERY cold out--with clear skies and winds blowing off the snow-capped mountains. I now detest the phrase "wind chill."

    A quiet day for my brood (one horse, two dogs). I cooked a sirloin tip roast in the crock pot, and the house smells wonderful ;o)

    Take great care when traveling, enjoy the horses and wonderful sounds of equines enjoying their dinner. Good luck to Bob and to catsy as well.

  3. Eek! I hope everyone heals up and feels better very, very quickly and that you have a great Christmas and New Year!


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