Saturday, January 14, 2012

Movie pitch-men: "Where do they get these ideas?"

So, while waiting for War Horse, Bob and I watched previews. I thought about one of my favorite movies, The Player with Tim Robbins. You see a lot of "movie pitch men" in that movie, saying things like "Think Out of Africa with Julia Roberts!"

Well, as Bob and I watched a preview that made me think of movie pitch men. This preview:

I can't imagine the hutzpah it took to pitch that movie. Can you imagine that conversation?

"It'll be great! Imagine the wide appeal... Ancient Rome...gladiators....flying Herculean superhero.. green aliens...monsters in various shapes and sizes.....starships. How can we go wrong?"


  1. So...I am most definitely doing to see that alien gladiator movie. The only things it seems to be missing are sharks and a ghost with a heart of gold.

  2. Well, the hero is shirtless so it can't be all bad. Aside from that I swear I've seen a lot of those aliens in other movies. The battle scene looked straight from Star Wars.
    This reminds me somewhat of Cowboys vs. Aliens, which was a big letdown other than Daniel Craig.

  3. I was laughing when I saw that trailer, too.

    "Think Star Wars meets Avatar".

    I think I will wait for a more exciting-looking movie. ;)

  4. John Carter is actually based on a book called A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (same guy who did the Tarzan novels). I had totally forgotten about the book until I saw the movie trailer, and though, "OH YEAH, those books!" I think it's a series, I forgot.

    I'm just gearing up for The Hunger Games! I LOVE those books!

  5. Too cool for words. Total fantasy, actually. It honestly does look like fun for all, but I do get tired of endless combat movies. (The last Harry Potter tended that way and I found myself looking at my watch.)

    Sometimes totally silly is worth a trip to the theater, or a wait for the TV release, at least. *G*


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