Thursday, January 26, 2012

My birthday: A horse for every decade

Today is my birthday -- the big 5-0! It seems fitting to share a beautiful horse for every decade (my favorite being the first one). For more eye candy go to Performance Sales International Auction.

Oh, and pssst! It is a year for b-day milestones. Harv turns the big 2-5. He's been rocking the world of eventing, dressage, and international finance for a quarter century! What shall we do to celebrate?

Sir Caramello  (check out the tail!)
Sir Donnerhall X Feiner Stern

Dai Jin
Don Frederico X Weltmeyer

South Coast (3 years old!!!)
Sir Donnerhall X Londonderry

St. Moritz X Ehrentusch

Der Designer
DeNiro X Weltmeyer


  1. Happy Birthday!! I would want any one of those horses under my "birthday tree!"

    The presentation of each was wonderful. What a refreshing sight to see them in an outdoor, beautiful setting with those long stretches to show off the gaits on a straight line. Not sure which horse I like best, but by and large I am impressed with some correct training here. Once and a while we see behind the vertical, but for the most part, they are going out to the bit and in lovely balance.

    I think Harvey needs at least one bunch of carrots with tops and perhaps some peppermints--if he likes them. If not, another favorite candy. How about a box of Girl Scout cookies in his favorite flavor? He'd be helping them fundraise and celebrate at the same time. (My first horse used to love the chocolate mint, although I'm not sure chocolate is good for horses.)

  2. Happy birthday Stacey! And thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog, I never miss a post.

  3. So which one was for the most recent decade? I assume that's the one that will be showing up on your doorstep today? ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  4. I think I liked the first one best as well. Dai Jin was really interesting to me, more as a possible sire than as a horse I'd want (this IS all dreaming about being a better rider and having more money as well, right?), because he moved his hind legs like a jumper in the canter, and I love seeing horses with that type of movement being crossed into dressage horses - usually with very nice results!

  5. Happy birthday girl! A fitting celebratory post to be sure (and I'll take one of each please ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday :)

    Don't want to be a debbie downer, but I am very sad to see they already have a 3 year old filly going and with expectations of collection like that :( She is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl, and I know it's become acceptable to start horses at such a young age and have such high expectations. She looks willing but very tight and as if she is being held there, instead of offering that sort of movement freely.

  7. Happy birthday a day late! I love Feiner Stern horses. They have such good minds. All of these horses were beautiful and I loved the presentation, too.

  8. Happy birthday, former barn buddy. May you all, pets, horses and people, enjoy a wonderful birthday weekend. (Stretch it out - celebrate with all of them!)


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