Monday, February 20, 2012

Halter tag with halter tags: My bored boys

I got some lovely halter tags for Christmas -- Each went on my boys' nicest halters, but I was inspired to buy a third for Ri's turnout halter that includes my name and phone on th eback. Because his turnout halter has silver buckles, I looked all over for silver tags -- ended up with titanium. Bob thought it was overkill, but looking at this video I'm thinking it was a good call. I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a titanium blanket...


  1. Riley showed a nice half pass while he was trying to shove Harv out of the way... At least you know he can handle it when you move up the levels! :)

  2. So cute....the benefit of the halter tag is that it makes a good target for Harv! It's so nice to see the boys playing like that, even if equipment destruction is ever the risk. Only happy horses play.

  3. Cute. Our guys love the "fun with face biting" game too ;o)

  4. "You're it!"
    "Huh! No YOU'RE it!!!"
    "Uh-huh--you're it!"
    "No way--you're SO it!"
    "Hah, you're it! AND no touch-backs!"

  5. "You're it!"
    "Huh! No, YOUR'RE it!"
    "Nuh uh. You're it! Nyah, nyah!"
    "No way! You're SO it!!!!"
    "Hah! You're it AND NO TOUCHBACKS!"

  6. Give him something to pull at or play with ... I think any horse will find it. LOL.


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