Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heather Blitz and Paragon, World Masters

I could not find a good quality video of Heather and Paragon -- and then suddenly here we have one! Not a perfect test, but I like the way his neck has acquired more of that "falling down" quality...


  1. Not 100% confirmed yet, but each time I see them, it gets better and better. He is such an elegant mover and looks so light on his feet.

    I know she wants to qualify for the Olympics. He may not quite be ready, but more power to them both. They certainly proved their mettle (and medal) at the Pan Am Games!

    Thanks for posting the video.

  2. To be honest...I didn't know anything about Heather and Paragon until I started reading your blog over a year ago. I was lucky enough to travel to the Masters this year:) It was my first time seeing this pair "live". Beautiful warm up...fabulous ride. He is getting stronger. After their ride, I got to meet Heather and get a picture with her:)

  3. I'm sure not an expert, but there are two things that strike me about the video.

    1) Heather looks like she is PERCHING on that horse, not sitting deep. She's leaning way forward at the halt and reinback.

    2) Paragon looks like he's trotting on egg shells. Too much action in front for what he's doing behind.

    Is the "World Masters" the title of the show or is that what they are?

  4. I feel like she is doing a lot with her legs. I like the classic riders that appear like they are just sitting there with a nice, long leg.

  5. TBDancer, interesting comments. I didn't notice "perching" myself but I did get the impression of "lightness" on Heather's part, which I thought was actually quite nice. Light hands, soft contact (not BTV on Paragon, hurray). She does have an active leg that's a little distracting, but I really liked her hands. I will have to look again and see what you mean about her seat. Personally, I'd rather see a light one than a driving one.

  6. P.S. I definitely agree about the action in front not quite matching the action in back - but that seems to be "the thing" these days, eh? (I'm thinking of Totilas of course)

  7. I have to say, I love Heather's riding style, distinctive as it is. It is not classic dressage position, but it seems to work for her, and to me it is quite lovely, light, and harmonious. She works with the Ride with Your Mind lady, and she is six feet tall. Ulla Salzgeber is that height, or nearly that -- it would be interesting to compare their styles. Ulla is the rider I want to be in my dreams.


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