Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I have everyone thinking about saddles

I came home Sunday and checked messages on our phone. Bob tends to leave "notes to self" on our answering machine. It's kind of an annoying habit when you're expecting an actual message, wading through all of his wisdom tidbits -- but this one tickled me. Poor Bob has heard my endless tales of woe about saddles, and here is his inspired idea. This is why he is my valentine today:

I must tell Bob that such things exist. 
Do they work? Are they worth the money?


  1. Brita Rizzi in Southern Pines does this - she has all the "gear" to do it. Not that expensive, either! There must be folks in other areas who use this technology as well.

  2. That was very thoughtful of Bob. :-) Glad he is mulling over the issue, since two heads are always better than one!

    I think I knew these things existed as well, and I hope you can track someone down who can do it.

  3. There is the Port Lewis saddle pad just for this purpose


    I read somewhere that someone made one of their own. I will try to find the information.

    Love your hubby. He is one special Valentine....*S*

  4. OK found a link to a forum that has links to the "Home Made Impression Pad." English version and German version.


    When I loaded the site I got all kinds of noisy ads, but the links worked. There's a recipe there and directions.

    Kind of looks like a fun but messy project.

  5. oooh. No wonder I had trouble finding it. I translated the German page and apparently the writer got in "patent" trouble and had to take things down. But the English translation is still around with that link. S-h-h-h-h. Keep it a secret. *S*

  6. I do sometimes wonder if your County is within normal limits of fit and you simply need a stickier pad underneath for now. If you groom your horse to a shine and his shoulders aren't yet completely developed to hold it in place, the saddle can slip forward a bit.

    When my boy was four, he wore a wide gullet saddle. Now that his topline is matured and strong, he is definitely an extra wide. No withers to hold anything in place. Y-girthing systems sometimes hold slipping saddles in place, I tell ya. Even after reflocking by a great saddle fitter over and over as his shape changed, the saddle slipped forward and to the sides. My saddle fitter then said that fly spray and other slippery substances cause saddles to slip too. A friend of mine had a SWB mare that she used to spray show sheen on before a ride, cuz it made the mare shiny and purdy. Her Albion saddle slipped all the way up to the mare's neck one day ...

    Mare threw her head low and pitched her rider in the dirt, understandably. LOL.

    Occam's Razor - Sometimes the most simple answer is the best answer. Maybe try a sticky pad or borrow a Y-girthing system for awhile until you get a better answer? If I am wrong about that, it's fine too. Ask around and see what others think. :)

  7. So, a bit of ironic news for you. My pony mare just got over ulcers, put weight back on and changed shape AGAIN. Guess what I now have to do!!! That's right ...

    How much is it to join the club, and does anybody have a cool grand or more to lend me for a new saddle or maybe a couple hundred for reflocking? *thud* :-/

  8. My horse has an awesome....bareback pad for the time being. I've pretty much given up. There's a dressage saddle on horseclicks that has been used on a warmblood and a QH. I'm waiting to hear tree and gullet size. Barring that -I'll have to see how he goes when he loses some weight and I can get a proper whither tracing.


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