Friday, March 16, 2012


I got my BC Vinici MW tree, rode Ri in it, and of course I still love the saddle, but...

It is a wee bit narrow on Ri.

I tried the wide (they had it as a demo saddle)--Ri LOVED it, but at the time it seemed TOO wide (wither/spine clearance). In retrospect is might be a better fit. It's still available.

I'm hoping that the company will work with me to make something work. If I send the MW back there is a 20% restocking fee. I'm contemplating now, in my misery, what to do. Wondering if I could work a trade...


  1. That is a bummer. I would go with the wide if you can. I use a sheep skin pad under the wide saddle for my smaller mare until her back muscles catch up. In the MW Ri may not be able to work his muscles right.
    Are you working with a BC rep? My friend ordered a saddle using a rep from BC and had to send it back a couple of times. I think they worked with her ok about the changes.

  2. Hey Stacey-
    It's always easier to pad a wide to make it work better, than try and make a too narrow saddle wider. (like I'm telling you anything you don't already know)

    I agree that the wide is just a little wide, however Riley is still young. With him being a WB, he's going to fill out more in the coming years (again something you already know). I'd rather have the wide and have to add a pad for now, than having to go through all the saddle fitting again in 18 months, when you guys are well into First, looking into Second Level and he's really filling out in his topline.

    Hopefully, you can work something out with the company. And, hopefully... it won't cost you too much more $$.

    Good luck!

  3. Looks like a lovely saddle. Hope you can work something out.

  4. I hope they are willing to work with you. That is a really nice saddle.

  5. Too bad.... I hope they'll work with you. My experience with those custom treed saddles is that it's an on going and never ending series of "adjustments". Just ONE of the reasons why I prefer Ansur. No fuss. Perfect fits. Fits me, fits the horse. Horse loves it. I just don't get why people can't get their brains wrapped around such a simple and perfect solution as the flex-core tree instead of a fixed treed saddle. Boggles my mind.

  6. Galimages, I think it is like saddles in general (and bras for that matter!), what works for one may not work for another. I'm glad Ansurs work for you, they seem to meet the needs of a range of horse body types.

  7. It looks like a decent fit, but without sticking my hand under it....
    I'm going through the same thing with my Morgan/Draft cross mare. I'm down to two saddles; a hoop tree saddle (with a roundish tree, instead of a v-shaped tree) and the Toulouse Genesis which is amazing in that it adjusts (easily) from narrow to XW. I love that one but I've got it set to the widest possible setting and it just fits her but it is not the most comfortable for me in that position. Your Ri looks like he has shoulders like my mare..deep and set back. My mare also has a very wide back so the monoflap, hoop tree seems to be our best bet. Good luck!

  8. Hey Stacey. I have a Black Country Equinox (endurance saddle). I ordered the MW custom-made with short flaps blah blah blah. I had the same reaction that you did when I got it- I thought it was too narrow. They assured me it would settle and sure enough it broke in perfectly. Just a thought :)

  9. Maybe a bean bag chair would work? My mare fits in an HDR ... go figure ... with a Toklat ultra cell pad to keep her croup-high build from gravity-pulling saddle toward shoulders. It put me back very little and it rides like a dream. Each horse is different, and expensive saddles are nice ... but even they don't fit everybody all the time. I listen to my pro saddle fitter ... he has 35 years of experience and a lot of success stories. My mare feels 100% better.

    Each tree is different on each saddle. Each brand has its gimmick. Listen to the HORSE and find what fits both of you. Brand not specific. That's my opinion. Treeless. Tree. Whatever. I listen to my professional and my vet. They have more scholing and experience than I and know my horses very well.


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