Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Poetin: How can this happen?

I admit I'm late to the party when it comes to the tragic story of Poetin, the double Bundeschampion and World Champion mare that sold at auction for about 3 million dollars in Europe in 2005. She died due to mismanagement, and news of the lawsuit  outcome was posted recently. Here is a summary of what happened...
  • Poetin's original owners apparently went bankrupt and tried to hide her so that she could not be sold. She was found several years later by German police and arrangements were made to auction her  off to settle a financial dispute between the owners and the ING Bank.
  • She was lame when they found her, supposedly with a minor (tendon?) injury. Her managers at the time pumped her up on steroids to get her through the auction, where people reported she looked lame at the walk. 
  • Still, she sold for 3 million The new owners had no idea that the mare was heavily medicated with steroids. 
  • As a result of the meds and being ridden hard at auction, she foundered. She in distress when she got off the truck at their facility.
  • They tried for three months to save her, even putting her in a sling a la Barbaro. She was cloned (at some point) and her eggs were flushed. When her condition worsened, she was euthanized.
Here is footage of this mare. I believe she is one of the few sport horses to achieve a "10" on her trot.  Commentary forthcoming.


  1. The crappy part is that, at the end of the day, a beautiful, talented horse is gone too soon...

  2. Greed is a nasty business, and when living beings are involved, it can be fatal. I remember this lovely mare selling for all those Euros and then waiting to hear about her in competition. Of course, that never happened. A vet and I had a discussion about people who want their horse pumped full of stuff for "just one more show" or "just one more year of competition." He was disgusted by it and said he would not do something like that if asked. Said there were other, less scrupulous vets, who would do as the owners asked.

  3. What a lovely equine! Powerful but feminine in that expressly graceful way.

    After a busy morning, I'm takin' a moment to dawdle on the internet.

    This is the kind of story which reminds me I'm not neurotic but protective of my horse's well being. He's big and well mannered but he could easily become ornery and dangerous if mishandled and abused for a length of time.

  4. All that talent, wasted on senseless humans more interested in $ than their duty to her...

  5. The horse business (all parts of it), is so completely full of freaks that this just doesn't even surprise me. Like all animal businesses (where the victims cannot speak for or defend themselves), the horse business attracts weirdos. Which is why I don't get out in it anymore. Keep us cheerful, Stacey. The world is much too sad already. :/

  6. As long as people consider horses livestock and vehicles for fame and fortune, this kind of thing can and will happen. It's hideous.


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