Friday, March 23, 2012

"Taming of Totilas" analytical video (one hour long!)

Hi guys, this seems like a really interesting video -- just released, I have not watched it, but they narrators are saying that they want to analyze how the different riding styles of Totilas' main riders have affected him--their body language, balance, use of rein aids, etc.

I don't really know the credentials of the narrators from Professional Horse Services (sort of like Acme, huh?). But the little bit I've watched so far it's clear they're not holding back on critiques...

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  1. I was only able to watch the first five minutes so far...I'll watch more later...but WHEW! They do not hold back. And, when I watched to note what they said, so far they are spot on.

    More later.....

  2. I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but it seems clear that the horse is easily upset, walking a fine line between brilliant and a little crazy. The first rider's ability to not react to the horse's behavior obviously suited him. The current rider is more controlling and so far I am feeling sorry for the horse. Not really fair, it's just a different style of riding but the rider doesn't seem like the right one for this horse.
    I am planning to watch the rest and see if it gets better.

  3. Watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it... made me feel really sorry for Totilas... Watching the rides side by side like that, and seeing the obvious ease and trust of the horse with Edward v Matthias, it's really heart-breaking. There's one point where they show Totilas even shy away from Matthias' hand when he pats him after a performance. Why can't they bring him back to Edward... leave good things alone.

  4. Now that I have watched it all, I am in tears. Poor Totilas. Now, very evidently a victim of rolkur...and no longer the exuberant, confident horse he was. Damn!! Money talked and the horse has suffered for it. Wish I could rescue him and just let him run free in the pasture for the rest of his life.

    Anyone who wants to ride well, at whatever level should pay attention to the commentary and rider critique given in this video. I think the German commentator was very perceptive and right on the mark with his evaluations. Well worth watching just for that.

    Thank you so much for this link.

  5. Basically, Rath (or his parents) did what most of the dressage riders in my area do, spend all the money on the horse when they should be spending the money on better riding lessons and then they don't get it when the horse goes downhill figuratively speaking.

  6. That is true. Effort and money should be placed in riding lessons instead of the horse. I heard something a year ago from an S judge and reputable trainer, you can start with an average or somewhat above average horse and make it extraordinary through good riding, or you can start with an extraordinary horse and deteriorate its movement through bad riding. Important to realize though, Rath is definitely NOT a bad rider, just not as good as Gal. He's still probably a much better rider than the average grand prix rider. I believe they made this video to point out the differences between an extraordinary rider and a rider who is struggling, but the net result appears to be bashing Rath. I'm sure Totilas still has an exceptionally great life and is extraordinarily well cared for even if they have a few performance problems.


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