Sunday, April 8, 2012

More dressage fashionista thinking

When Dressage Today did the Centerline Fashion competition I had high hopes for some ideas that make our traditional attire a bit more sporty and modern. Well, most of the fashions coming from that competition left me feeling a little lukewarm -- but I applaud the effort. BTW the competition is being held again this year, Shall we submit an idea?

I really like this look  from GPA NewSew Technology.  It's water-repellant, breathable, and machine washable. I'm liking the gray breeches too. Apparently some riders are wearing this in competition in Europe.

What do you think? This video probably displays slowly, for better playback go to the link above, and click on "video" in the upper right-hand corner.

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  1. Gray breeches would definitely be more convenient, that's for sure! I kind of like the way white looks though..

  2. I'm 6 foot tall and over two hundred pounds. I want something that makes makes me look short and thin.

  3. I've been looking at alot of styles, more for modesty than anything else. I did like what the Evil Queen (as a young woman) rode in on the last episode of Once Upon a Time. I also liked the custom coat far right, 6th row at Mobile Horse Supply


  4. The white breeches have always been my bugaboo. They look great--if they fit well--but it's like one ride and they are dirty and never the same. I like the concept of gray.

    That coat is very interesting. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

  5. I'm sorry I missed the outfit - I was too busy wondering WTF is up with her boots? No one I know rides in boots like that. Too loose and wrinkled.

  6. i Love the picture in your post more than the video the jacket just looks so crisp and not going to lie i LOVE the white pants... regardless of how hard they are to clean. I find i look "bigger" in other colors (especially my ugly beige ones)

  7. Where can we find out more about the actual fabric? I poked around at nosew with no luck


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