Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Rolex moments

My random Rolex moments -- if you listen hard you'll hear the names of the horse/rider combinations. But the bottom line is, the Brits ate our lunch. Ever'body popped out of their saddle -- no falls, the horses weren't even necessarily having difficulty. Jim Wofford said that the course designer "made use of the terrain." Maybe people missed some of the ground undulations? Who knows. William Fox-Pitt didn't even hiccup. The guy is a machine.

PS I think it is processing as of about 7:40am. Should be ready soon...


  1. Got to agree about Fox-Pitt being a machine. The man is fantastic. Just wish he'd wear a different topper in the dressage portion. He's already a long drink of water and that stovepipe hat just accentuates it. But that's just me ;o)

    Loved the blingy saddle, by the way. Placed your order yet??

    Loving the reporting from Rolex 2012. Re the Knabstrupper (am assuming that's what the spotted horse was in the first part of the video), the pair you shot were nicely matched. Rider fit horse, etc. You're right in that size doesn't matter if the "picture" is pretty.

    1. I'm pretty sure that wasn't a knappstrupper, just an awesome American Appaloosa:)

  2. I always gasp when I see the size of those cross country jumps up close. Amazing!

    Yes, from what I read the course really demanded a good ride with as many "thinking" problems as well as physical ones.

  3. Yep...they ate our lunch and topped it with some dessert. However - it was an amazing weekend; one that I will definitely repeat!

    A highlight was meeting you! So wonderful to finally talk to you in person! Hope you can come to Wellington in January for the Dressage Masters:) It is definitely something to behold!

  4. That's partially because WFP has the essential riding conformation. He is long-bodied ... and eats up any horse he rides. LOL.

    Me and my stubby legs would be popping out of the saddle unless I had a 14.3hh, slab-sided horse that could jump that handily.

  5. I guess I don't get it..sure WFP(GBR) won...but Allison Springer (USA)was a very close second..and of the 27 horses that finished..Fox-Pitt was the only brit...21 were USA.

  6. Yep, that top hat is pretty bad on WFP, but I also thought he looked rather goofy in his traditional British unharnessed velvet hunt cap. He and the other Brit team members wore those at the WEG. Wow, did that thing make him tall! He sure as heck can ride, though.

    Regarding the jumps, I too was always flabbergasted at them when I saw photos, especially of the tables. What amazed me was how seemingly "easy" the horses found that big table in Stacy's video (I spent some time next to it at the WEG). They all flew over the thing with no issues. What they found far tricker were holes in the ground - especially ditch/trakeners, I think they call 'em? Beats me! My burning question right now is, how do any horses know how wide jumps are? How do they know how far they have to stretch out?


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