Monday, April 23, 2012

Rolex-bound? Measure twice, buy once

Don't get to Rolex and wonder what size SMB boots you should get,  or whether the snakeskin-lined halter will fit your horse. Measure now! Get armed with...
  • browband and noseband measurements
  • Bit size
  • cannon bone size
  • Sheet measurements
  • Height in hands
  • Girth size
  • hoof measurements
 Or, if your credit cards can't take more charges -- leave it at home :-)...


  1. Good tips :) Wish I could afford anything at Rolex, or even afford to go. :P ha :) It's alright, I'm content with my pony here.

  2. Fortunately, I am not going to Rolex, I don't need anything, and my credit card is in limbo.

    So I don't need to measure. *G*

    All that being said, this is a great idea. Something perhaps we should all just carry with us like ID in a wallet.

  3. Wow! Great idea and tips! I am not going to Rolex, but I am traveling to England next week and I am hoping to hit up some saddlery shops while there. I will make sure to take these measurements with me in case I find anything I NEED :)


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