Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sold!!!????? Drat

Never mind I can't support three horses. Never mind this one is in Canada. If I'd seen this in time, I'd be on the phone now. Because I dream of owning a certain-color horse, and this is my dream color.  Because I'm an idiot.

That said, the girl in the irons is giving hi an awesome ride, don't you think?


  1. As a palomino lover, I'm not sure how I would react to a lovely colored palomino in a type I like for dressage, so I can't say you're an idiot!
    However, I watch this video and wonder if the horse even has a left lead... Also, I'm guessing it's too short for you. :)

    What color IS that horse? I assume it's bodyclipped there?

  2. I used to think I would never ever ever ever ever own a chestnut.

    I used to make fun of people that owned chestnuts ...

    I own a chestnut.

  3. No problem with having dreams! :) What a cutie pie!

    We all have biases for breeds, colors, sexes--- whatever. As much as we try to be rational when buying a horse there is always going to be an emotional part to it.
    I wish I could figure out a way around it. I made spread sheets, took several looks at each horse I considered and took someone with me to look at horses to give me advice, but looking back on the real reason I chose the horse I did over others-- I liked his face....

    ugh! Oh well....glad it worked out for me! :)

  4. I'm guessing grulla? Beautiful! I love that color too.

  5. I can't tell his color either, but he is pretty. And don't feel bad, I fell victim to the "love of color". I've always disliked paints...I own a Tobiano!!!!! Ha Ha Happy Riding.

  6. nice video and the color looks like grulla (mouse color)

  7. I was going to say blue roan, but then I saw the dorsal stripe, so yeah I'm guessing grulla too. :) He's cute! Oh and don't feel bad about wanting him because he's your dream horse color. I'm that way about true black horses. :D


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