Friday, April 27, 2012

Sparkle-plenty boots for Rolex

Hey, don't miss the annual Rolex haiku thread on COTH.
As for my purchases? Well, Harv has a lovely brown snakeskin-lined halter, and I have a cheapo pair of earrings. Tons of samples and freebies that we're mailing back this am, and we'll continue our signup spree.

I have not selected a course walk yet, and it's getting late. Speaking of walking...

My 2011 Rolex boots, multicolor argyle, have had a full year of hard use at the barn (mucking mostly), and the inside of the boots are pretty worn and rough -- not for long walks. As it happens, our local dept store had a sale, and I splurged on new boots for Rolex -- black, sparkly, and quite the counterpoint to the Dubarrys so many folks will be sporting. Still - I love them!

The weather today looks pretty good, high of 66 and partly sunny, and the ground is pretty dry. Tonight and tomorrow strong thunderstorms are possible. Maybe I'll break out the boots.


  1. OOh. And I just went for a pair of green rubber work boots at Tractor Supply....obviously not fashion forward. *G*

    Hope the wet weather holds off for the safety of all concerned.

  2. LOL... yes, the Dubarrys are definitely the must-have accessory for the x-country set! I didn't really know what they were until I went to the WEG and saw them everywhere. Now there's at least two kinds of less expensive knockoffs available, too. I like your sparkly boots. If someone gave me a pair of Dubarrys I'd wear them, of course, but for now my $10 plaid Wellies from Aldi will do...


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