Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tack trunk trash talk: C'est la guerre

Harvey approved storage.
Until recently, I was living out of icky, tiny, blue rubbermaid tubs -- four of them -- and that ain't no way to live. The one good thing about my tiny tubs was that there was room left for me to store my saddle on a rack, near the boys' stalls -- very convenient. Last week, in a little Guerre des bouffons,  saddle locations became a point of discussion. It was suggested that my saddle needed to be moved, and now there is an empty space where my saddle used to be.

Solution -- Buy something!
My little blue trunks looked lonely and undersized without the saddle rack there to anchor them. Bob agreed -- and he offered to help me get new tack trunks. God love him. I had so much fun exploring the world of fancy trunks, pouring over catalogs of oak veneer, vinyl-covered,  fancy-schmancy  trunks. I have always envied the show trunks you can get for oodles of dough. Faced with too many choices, I checked out the COTH list for advice.  Thread after thread of trunk reviews, and they all said, "Forget fancy, heavy, pricey trunks, go with a Stanley tool trunk." People who'd had those fancy trunks were the biggest fans. How could I not be swayed? I went to Home Depot to see one in person.

 Roomy enuf for my saddle, I observed.

No one needs to know what's in it...
We acquired two of them this weekend, and Harvey gave it a hooves-up. Here are some of the features of this trunk that make it a great alternative to expensive plastic tack trunks and MORE expensive wood/vinyl ones...

1. Lightweight. About 30 lbs.

2. Lockable and latchable.

3. Handle and wheels for portability.

4. Buy a fancy trunk cover, and voila you can travel with the BNT's to fancy pants shows!

5. Buy a name plate, remove the Stanley plate, and attach yours, and voila you're personalized.

Handle for portability!
 6. They're durable, and the plastic is tough, but not thick so that you don't lose storage space with wall thickness.

7.  You can park your butt on it. I can stand on mine (mileage will vary on this)

8.  Little "grooming box" box area.

9. Tall enough for fly spray bottles.

10. You can store a saddle in it.

For those wanting a trunk cover, the dimensions are L= 37 7/8"; W= 22 3/4"; H= 23 1/4."

Read more about Stanley trunks at COTH:


  1. I have the exact same one...those big wooden specialy made trunks are gorgeous, but heavy and the Stanley does have wheels! But just so you know all the locks can be opened with the same key (which came in handy when mine accidently locked when I sat on it and a friend with the same trunk tried her key and it opened). So if security is an issue get a lock that goes through the top and body holes.

  2. That's a great idea! I have a wooden one that I bought second-hand and love it, but the portable-ness of the Stanley is a great feature. Might have to look into getting myself one!

  3. Thank you! I have been debating options of what to put in our barn aisle for dust and water-proof storage because we water the barn aisle daily in the summer since it drops the temperature by about 10 degrees. (It's a dry heat!) I think this is a great option!

  4. i'm looking forward to the day when "home depots" in germany have your icky blue rubbermaid boxes. there is no such thing here (at hardware stores) as a tough lidded box. i only have the 3 blue rubbermaid boxes i brought with us on the plane, and i'm so glad i did. also, a double wheeled rubbermaid muck cart would be awesome!

  5. I have the same one too! But my model never had the stanley plate (older?). LOVE how portable it is and everything stuffs inside. Just wish I had too, as my current one is too full for a saddle!

  6. Love em:) I have one like yours for tack and grooming stuff and this one for my first aid kit:

  7. Very good to know! I, too, have always been envious of the gorgeous wood trunks. There is a row of them in the barn where I'm riding now as a lesson student, some complete with lovely monogrammed covers. I've seen other purpose-made plastic ones as well that are still pricey. A low-cost, highly functional trunk like the Stanley seems like a super idea! (Who knows when I'll need one, but the info. will be filed away under the extensive "horse equipment" tab in my brain.)

  8. These trunks are great! My trainer and all of her students got the exact ones last spring. I love mine!

  9. Hee hee... I am chuckling at the folks who bought these for around $65 and then are spending $150 for a fancy cover. Guess they must be the ones who USED to have the fancy wooden ones!

    Can someone please tell me why you would want a zipper all the way around the top of a cover? I guess so you can get into the trunk but it's still ID'd with your name? It would fall off when you opened the lid anyway... I'm confused.

  10. I love my Stanley trunk! Room for a saddle was definitely a deciding factor!

  11. I have one and have been contemplating asking my hubbie to make me a cushy seat for it. It has those 2x4 spaces that a seat could easily be build on to distribute weight - which I noticed sagged a little sitting on it at my last show. I put everything (supplies, tack, show clothes) but my saddle in it when I go to shows - as I have the Kensington Saddle holder with the shoulder strap and just carry that.

  12. I currently have my own little corner in the tack room... There's a trunk, mini tub, and a bunch of buckets.

  13. I have one and love it, too! It is the only trunk anyone at my barn uses :-)

  14. MARVELOUS!! I am heading to Home Depot tomorrow after I get off work ;o) Gotta get AT LEAST two--one for the tack shed AND one for the truck. I have a tag-along trailer with tack compartment, and I HATE trying to GET stuff out of there. The compartment is fine for tack, but all the OTHER things I carry in the tack compartment (the wheel jack thing, first aid kit, trailer wheel, blah blah) can fit into a Stanley trunk and ride around in the truck bed (I have a shell covering it, which locks, so everything would be safe).

    Thank you, Stacey!!

  15. I love mine! It holds everything I need (minus tack), is quite durable, and doubles as a mounting block. Perfect!

  16. What a great idea! Looks like a super tack box.

  17. I use one exactly like that for my emergency vet kit. It works really well!

  18. Solid purchase. I always thought I invented this for horse shows like, 7 years ago when everyone was still carting around heavy, expensive, oak trunks and I scuffled in with my $50 portable trunk. I was totally not ashamed of my inexpensive trunk when I could fit everything into one place AND cart it around easily :)

  19. I have this trunk and love it but saddle I couldn't get my very deep seated saddle to fit in it. THe grooves in the trunk made it just a little too awkward shaped to work : ( I'd be super curious to see a picture of how you put your saddle in yours. Maybe I just haven't discovered the perfect angle?


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