Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Harvey and the petals: Part 2

So last Sunday, it poured rain -- two inches in about six hours. The horses stayed in, and Harv was beside himself, bellowing and pacing in his stall. Ri had the day off, so I thought I'd lunge Harv a little and let him work off his energy.

Heading into the indoor, we walked through the flowering trees and brushed into the branches of pink flowers. The rain on the metal roof was deafening, and Harv was pranced a little as we walked over toward the mounting block. I turned  to him to clip on the lunge line to his halter, and laughed out loud. There was my boy, damp, wide-eyed with alarm, and covered in pink petals.

He was adorable.

I hadn't lunged him in maybe as long as a year, and wanted to take it easy.  But with the noise from the rain, Harv was alert and light on his feet. Neck arched and all puffed up, he trotted smartly around the ring. Gimpy, sure, but not really that stiff, in good weight, and he had some float, or at least you saw a memory of floatiness, in his trot. He looked like  he was auditioning for Apassionata. It wasn't a big moment, but it's one I know I'll remember. He is such a special boy. How lucky I am to have Harv in my life.

 After I lunged him we walked around the ring together for a long time. With the noise on the roof I could tell him anything I wanted, only he would hear.


  1. Wonderful story. A very special boy.

  2. Oh, that's so sweet. I love to hear about both Harvey and Riley. You and Harvey know each other so well, that's obvious from your posts. I admire the way you're taking care of him in his retirement; that's really cool.

    And I can just imagine him covered in petals!

  3. Ah, the pink petals of death!! And he survived! *G*

    When you tell stories of Harv, I think of my PJ who, despite chronic lameness still would prance and dance like a youngster when he got excited. I love that kind of spirit in a horse as it's just so beautiful.

    Harvey is one special boy in your life. You are both very lucky.

  4. I love this story - he's lucky you're the kind of person who keeps horses for life and you're lucky to have him!

  5. What a cute story! I wish you had pictures of him covered in pink petals!!

  6. This made me cry Stacey, enjoy him for every second while you have him, he's your 'once in a lifetime' and I lost mine in 2002 after 22 years. Would give anything to have him back. Becky B.

  7. A woman at my barn lost her boy today. The sweet intimacy you shared with your guy brought tears to my eyes. They are so special...

  8. Awww... I have an oldster too, and you treasure those special moments you have with them.

  9. Thank you, Stacey. This brought tears to my eyes after a very rough series of days that were only made bearable by stolen moments of quiet with my gimpy, old one eyed guy. They give us more than we can ever give them.


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